Ohm Beads We Learn As We Age Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings a preview of Ohm Beads We Learn As We Age!

Ohm Beads We Learn As We Age is the exclusive event bead for Pianeta Beads in Italy. This bead will be a blind, sealed distribution and comes in two finishes. There will be six-hundred and sixty-six (666) silver finishes and two-hundred and twenty-two (222) dirty finishes, totaling eight-hundred and eighty-eight (888) beads in total. Pre-orders will begin on September 13th, 2018 and orders will be processed to ship starting October 2nd, 2018. We Learn As We Age will retail for €79

As you can see it resembles what looks to be a pocket watch with roman numerals on one side and a compass on the other side which makes this a totally unique bead. I love the design and the meaning behind it.

“When everything seems difficult and time runs fast, breathe hard and find the right way. “

All photographs are courtesy of Ohm Beads.

I think this is one bead that looks beautiful in both finishes.

Stock Images

Over all, I love this bead as it can remind us that life is ticking by and to choose our journeys carefully and let our hearts/our compass lead us. This would be perfect paired with the bucket list, maybe some traveling beads of places we have been or plan to go or maybe just some beads that remind us of our loved ones.

This bead will be available at the Ohm Beads Event Salerno in Italy at Pianeta Beads, visit their event page here on Facebook and like their Facebook page here to stay up to date on all their in store and online events and promos. If you don’t have Facebook you can also follow them on Instagram.

Please note that this bead will not be available for pre-orders until September 13, 2018 at the following banner link.

I personally think this is going to be a huge hit among collectors or at least it’s a big hit for me 😀 I’d love to know what you guys think of this bead? Will it be one you must have? Leave me a comment below.






9 responses to “Ohm Beads We Learn As We Age Preview

  1. New to OHM beads, but looks like I’m going to be a fan 😊
    A Very nice bead 👍🏻 and either finish would suit me, as have recently bought both “dirty” and Silver beads from the collection.
    Still struggling to find an OHM necklace to show them off, that keeps the beads upright…🤔
    Any suggestions please would be welcome. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Do you have the Ball Chain Necklace from Ohm Beads? Many of the designs are made to be worn on a bracelet or this necklace. Some side hole only designs would be best worn on a leather necklace.

      Yes, I love Ohm beads for their quirkiness and unique qualities. Great brand!


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