Updated: Bead Fiesta Event Outline

Today Beadsaholic brings the latest update of the Bead Fiesta Event at Beads Fanatic!

The pre-party has started at Beads Fanatic with fantastic Facebook giveaways, so be sure to stop by their page to join in on the fun.

Bead Fiesta with Tapas is just around the corner and today I have complete details. The event will start on Friday September 7th, 2018 at 10 am Madrid time and will be in shop and online. There will be five prizes for in store attendees who register by email at info@beadsfanatic.com. There will also be prizes given throughout this week leading up to the event on Beads Fanatic’s Facebook page <Visit here>.

Prizes being offered.

  1. True Beadz True Stronghold
  2. Aurora Sweet Grape
  3. Ohm Beads Suzy the Sloth
  4. Trollbeads Blue Ocean
  5. Redbalifrog Pine Cone and Squirrel

Winners will be announced after the event. 

There will also be lots of great deals for shoppers in store and online.

Ohm Beads – In shop they are offering some hard to obtain beads including the Going Dutch Collection. In Shop and Online they will be offering an assortment of sought after retired silvers and glass beads, roughly two-hundred and twenty pieces will be on hand for sale.

Trollbeads – Beads Fanatic will be offering 20% all Trollbeads stock.

Chamilia – Beads Fanatic will be offering discounts from 30 to 50% off retail price of their entire line of Chamilia.

In Store customers will receive a tote swag bag filled with goodies.

Those shopping during the event may find a little surprise with their orders.

Don’t forget that both Aurora Sweet Grapes and True Beadz Stronghold will be the event beads and will go live starting at 10 am Madrid time both in store and online.

Aurora Sweet Grapes <review – click here>

True Beadz Stronghold <review- click here>

Over all, this is sure to be a fantastic event! I’m a bit jealous of all who will get to attend as I’d love to be there! I hope you each will share on social media.

For those hoping to get their hands on one of the two event beads can visit the website by the banner link below on September 7th at 10 am Madrid time to purchase both these beautiful beads or shop the great discounts that will be offered to online customers.

If you plan on attending the event online or in store I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below!







2 responses to “Updated: Bead Fiesta Event Outline

  1. Thanks for the update! Wish I could go in person but not this time. I hope to participate on line. Now to check an make sure I have the correct time conversion.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! This is one event I’d love to attend! Time difference for central time zone is 7 hours. 10 am = 3 am central, 4 am eastern, 2 am Mountain and 1 am pacific. It was so nice to meet you and hang out this past weekend, Elizabeth 💜


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