Aurora Magic Cottage and Pedro & Speedy Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Aurora Magic Cottage and Pedro & Speedy both are exclusives to Pianeta Beads!

Recently Pianeta Beads announced their two new limited-edition designs by Aurora and today I have a review of those two beautiful beads. I have paired both designs alongside other silver exclusives to Pianeta Beads, some are still available on their website. All glass beads are Ogerbeads and you can order these with the beautiful silvers!

I have included some up-close photos to show all the beads I have composed on this bracelet.

Aurora Magic Cottage is truly magical with amazing details all the way around! In the second photo you will notice that the house is sort of flat, this is great as it allows this bead to lay perfectly on the wrist! The design is beautiful on both sides and I honestly can’t decide which side I love more. This bead is perfect for a magical forest bracelet with gnomes, fairies and ogres. The possibilities are endless. Magic Cottage measures approximately 14.89 mm high x 15.30 mm wide and retails for €54.95, price includes vat.

Here you can see the size of the Aurora Magic Cottage, Pedro & Speedy, Arthur and Maggie.

Aurora Pedro & Speedy are the cutest duo. Speedy is an adorable snail and Pedro a cute little gnome/elf and together I’m sure they get into lots of trouble in the forest. This is truly the most adorable bead that will surely look fantastic in any composition. Pedro & Speedy measures approximately 13.70 mm high x 16.17 mm wide and retails for €44.95, price includes vat.

Life is truly a fairy tale with this composition! I adore these beads together paired with the Frog Lock from Redbalifrog.

Over all, each of these beads are perfect for a forest bracelet, I adore the designs and am in love with the Magic Cottage. All beads except Ohm Beads Magic Books (sold-out collector’s item) are available at Pianeta Beads!

If would like to shop for any of the beads featured in this article you may do so at the following banner link. Pianeta Beads offers vat free shopping for those of us outside of Europe and offers free shipping for those who reside in Europe.

I’d love to know your thoughts on these cute beads? What type of composition would you like to see them in? Leave me a comment below!






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