Update: Pre-order of Ohm Beads We Learn As We Age!

Today Beadsaholic brings the latest details on the pre-order and release of Ohm Beads We Learn As We Age!

Today comes the details of the upcoming pre-order of the Ohm Beads We Learn As We Age event bead exclusively at Pianeta Beads in Italy. On September 13, 2018 Pianeta Beads will offer a set amount of We Learn As We Age on their website at 9 am Italian time and 2 pm Italian time (coordinate time here). The remaining beads will be available to those who attend the Ohm Beads Event Salerno on September 29, 2018 in Italy. Any beads not sold during the event will be offered on Pianeta Beads website after the event. If you would like to attend the event in person, please feel free to visit their event page on Facebook for complete details (here).

More photos are available here. Please, note that there are only eight-hundred and eighty-eight (888) pieces in total and will be a blind distribution. Each bead retails for €79, price includes vat. Beads will begin shipping on October 2, 2018.

Pianeta Beads offers vat free shopping for those of us outside of Europe and free shipping for those who reside within Europe. The banner link below is the link to the pre-order, use this link on September 13, 2018 at 9 am and 2 pm Italian time to pre-order.

As always, I love hearing from you all! Will you be ordering this bead and what are your thoughts on this design? What does this bead say and mean to you? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below! ❤







12 responses to “Update: Pre-order of Ohm Beads We Learn As We Age!

  1. There have been many many great event beads this year. This one is a favorite! I am crossing my fingers and hope my internet speed is up to the challenge. I have no preference for finish. Wish me luck!

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    • Good Luck, Elizabeth! Fingers are crossed for you! I love this design too and I am so happy they have split the times up to allow more chances! Plus with this release there are more and what ever is left from the event will get listed at a later date.


  2. Beautiful! I will try buying one tomorrow, and I’m hoping for a “normal” silver one. To be honest, I don’t like blind distribution, but I’ll take my chances since there are more normal than dirty beads.

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