A New Star Is Born! Ohm Beads New Star Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings a preview of Ohm Beads New Star.

This past week a beautiful new star was born into the Star Bijou Family. If you are not familiar with Star Bijou, it is a lovely family owned jewelry shop in Germany who cater locally and world-wide. Nicolai and Gabi are the owners and it has always been a pleasure to shop with them and to feature their shop here on the blog. Last Sunday, Gabi gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and together they have named their son Noah. In honor and celebration of their beautiful son’s birth they are offering a pre-never released version of Ohm Beads Lucky Star, this bead is Ohm Beads New Star! This star represents Noah the new star in the family and will come in all silver and two-tone. It is an exclusive to Star Bijou and there is only one-hundred thirty-three (133) Gold two-tone and three-hundred seventy (370) silver New Star beads.

I wanted to include a photograph of the happy new family, as this photo melts my heart. If you know Gabi, then you know she is super sweet and a beautiful person inside and out. As you can see she glows with her beautiful smile. Both are truly wonderful people who will make great parents, I’m sure! I just want to congratulate them on their adorable new addition to the family here on the blog! Can’t wait to watch him grow up, hope you guys post lots of photos!

If you follow the store’s page on Facebook, then you have most likely seen this gorgeous photo below showcasing True Beadz with the Ohm Beads New Star and cute baby Noah! I love that the stars look smaller and are a different design from the Lucky Stars that were released last year at their event in October. This would be a nice addition to any celestial design and a wonderful way to celebrate Noah’s birth with Star Bijou. I personally would love the stars as a memento symbolizing Noah’s birth and the birth of my soon to be grand-daughter Ella!

Ohm Beads New Star (AAY030G) has six silver and one gold dangling star. This bead comes in a regular Ohm box and there is no insert; however, it is a special limited-edition bead that is exclusive to Star Bijou. New Star retails for €142, price includes vat.

Ohm Beads New Star (AAY030) has seven silver dangling stars. This bead is currently sold out; however, I would follow Star Bijou just in case more becomes available on their website, as sometimes orders are canceled, etc. This bead retails for €47, price includes vat. They also have plenty of stock in the Ohm Beads Lucky Star (AAY036), if you missed these during the release last year.

I am a bit late spreading the word about this new release and I truly hope everyone who wants a New Star was able to get one. This is a wonderful way to welcome a new baby into the world with a little memento to remember his birth and celebrate with the family.

If you would like to order this bead or the previously release Lucky Star, you can find them both at the banner link below. Please note, that Star Bijou offers vat free shopping for those outside of Europe and offer free shipping with orders equaling €50, or more.

I always love hearing from you all. Did you order an Ohm Beads New Star? Leave me a comment below!






4 responses to “A New Star Is Born! Ohm Beads New Star Preview

  1. Hello, Paula, one year later, and New Star and Lucky Stars are new to me. Just ordered them, and really looking forward to them. Did you get a New Star for your then soon-to-be granddaughter, Ella? Best, Holly

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