Review: The SCREAM by Lundd Denmark

Today Beadsaholic brings exciting news of a new release by Lundd Denmark The SCREAM!

I am excited to introduce the first addition to the Lundd Denmark “Art Line” a new concept interpreting old masterpieces as well as contemporary art. First to be released in the collection is ” The SCREAM” an interpretation of Edward Munch’s famous painting. With this line Lundd’s idea is to capture both the motif and depict the story behind the original artwork. Which is a cool new concept on design.

The Scream” – An interpretation of Edward Munch’s famous painting. It is generally accepted that the narrative behind it is his mentally disordered daughter, placed in asylum on an island in the Norwegian archipelago. The person in focus could be Munch himself leaving the asylum, or it could be the daughter running away from it.” ~ Lundd Denmark 

For more information on the Edward Munch painting The Scream you can visit Nasjonalmuseet The National Museum website where the painting resides and Legomenon website for their meaning of The Scream an Art Analysis.

Here you see both sides of the hand-made pouch which is made with hand-dyed felt from Denmark. Each bead comes in this pouch and is accompanied by the beautiful informational leaflet. The Hand-made pouch is part of the introductory packaging as the original masterpiece by Edward Munch was created in 1893 the first ninety-three (93) beads will come with this special pouch, once sold out the re-stock will be just the bead in normal packaging.

Lundd Denmark The SCREAM captures the face of the person in the painting and Lundd has used the back to show the enamel scenery on the bridge. So, you see the complete story or painting within both sides of the bead. This bead measures approximately 14 mm high x 14 mm wide and weighs 4.3 grams. The Scream retails for DKK 378 / €51 / $47.99 (Vat Free)

Here are more angles of the bead on a Lundd leather bracelet in the next two photos showing the back and front. I find that the bead fits nicely on any bracelet and rarely flips; however, if it did flip both sides are artfully done. This bead is universal and will fit most branded bracelets.

I have looked through my beads to find the perfect color combination to frame this bead to look as much like the painting as I could, therefore I went with True Beadz Hygge, True Beads Bridge, Trollbeads Wishful Sky, Trollbeads Northern Lights Magic on a Trollbeads Twisted Bangle with Redbalifrog Bubble Stoppers. I think or hope this has created a scene that depicts the painting.

Here with the leaflet and a lovely book of Edward Munch Artwork.

Here in Mississippi there is an Art Garden and I always love this wall as it reminds me of the painting, so I wanted to be sure to get a few photos of this bracelet by the wall.

I have included photos at different angles.

On the Lundd Leather bracelet I used the black silicone o-rings as I find that they allow for the bead to stand out and they tend to blend in with the black leather. Stoppers do fit the bracelet, but I happen to like wearing them this way. When wearing the bead face up you don’t really see the o-rings as they hide behind the arms as you will see in some wrist shots.

Wrist Shots!

Here you can see the black silicone rings don’t really show when wearing them with The Scream on the black leather. I really like how the Scream bead stands out.

Here you can see The Scream on the leather with silver stoppers. I’ve worn it both ways, but I think on leather I like using the black o-rings.

I’m also including a video that shows an up-close look at the bead, leaflet and pouch.

Here are a couple of photos from Lundd Denmark, including stock photos.

Please note, that the enamel colors vary from bead to bead as each is hand-made.

Over all, I think this is a fantastic bead and love the idea of an art line. I’m excited to see what Lundd has in store for this line of beads. The Scream is one of my favorite painting, so as you can imagine I was very excited to see this bead.

Please note that this bead is available on Lundd Denmark website, Perlen or if you are lucky enough to visit Nasjonalmuseet The National Museum in Norway you can pick this bead up while at the museum.

Both Lundd Denmark and Perlen offers vat free shopping for those who reside outside of Europe. If you would like to shop for this bead or browse the Lundd Demark collection of jewelry you may do so at either banner links below. If ordering from Perlen, please allow time for The Scream to be listed on their website.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this bead! Are you an art fan and does this bead appeal to you? What other masterpieces would you like to see in a bead? Leave me a comment below ❤



13 responses to “Review: The SCREAM by Lundd Denmark

  1. This is beautiful! Please tell me what is vat free shipping? Do they ship to the US? This is going on my Christmas wish list, if I can wait that long!

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    • Hi, Vat Is the European tax that is added to all products. If you create an account with the website and live in the USA or outside of Europe, you will shop vat free, it will be subtracted from the cost of the bead, which makes it vat free. Yes, both Lundd Denmark and Perlen ship world-wide. Both ship rather fast, too. It’s a fantastic bead and would be a great gift.


  2. Thank you so much for the review! It is beautifully done. I just read a preview of Trollbeads new “Art To Go” bracelet with its brush and pencils charm and oil paint tubes lock and this would be prefect on that bracelet. The bracelet also comes with a unique and the uniques are random selection.

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    • I totally agree, Pat! I’m still waiting more info on the Art to go bracelet. Hopefully i can cover it here on the blog soon in a review. It would be the perfect match for this bead for sure!


  3. Thank you so much for this review! I did order it as I didn’t want to lose the chance of getting this AMAZING BEAD! Now I need some help finding some of the beads you mixed it with!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Here’s a few possibles to work w/ the Scream bead. True beadz Bridge is still available at Star Bijou. The instead of True Beadz Hygge which is very hard to find, use Trollbeads World Tour Netherlands Orange, Belly Chakra or Leaf Fall. The blues are available, but other options could be Lapis or any other dark blue stone, Blue Hematite or Milky Way. There are so many ways to work with this bead and channel the feeling of the piece.

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      • Completely agree with Pat! The .orange, yellows and so forth of a warm sunset can be created easily and lapis works great! I actually had lapis on with the scream today. The True Bridge sadly are sold out currently at Star Bijou, Beads Fanatic and Perlen, but maybe message each one to see if maybe they have just one in stock. Though I’m sure these will be restocked soon. They really do match the theme rather well.


  4. Oh no, another one I won’t be able to resist. It’s out of stock for now, but I’ll be watching for it. My first thought is having it flanked by Ohm’s Fireball and Waterfall because of the swirls. On leather. Hmm.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh both Ohm glass would be perfect with this bead! Yes, should be about 3 weeks or so and it will be back in stock. I’ll announce on social media for sure when they are back in stock!


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