Review: Redbalifrog Honey Pot and Sweet Pea Flower!

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Redbalifrog Honey Pot and sweet Pea Flower.

This past week Redbalifrog introduced their latest collection Sweet Harvest <preview here> and today I am reviewing the Honey Pot and Sweet Pea Flower from this collection. I really love the mixture of the Redbalifrog Honey Pot and Sweet Pea Flower with the Redbalifrog Bee Goddess, Queen Bee, Calla Lily, Trollbeads Wings of Amber, and finished it off on a Redbalifrog bracelet with the Italian exclusive Fiori D’Arancio (Orange Blossom) Lock. I love an amber and bee composition for Autumn.

The Queen Bee and Bee Goddess have always been on my Redbalifrog Favorites list and I think that the Honey Pot fits in perfectly with the two bee beads! Bees have an important job to do, not only to make honey but most species pollinate our planet, without bees there would be no plants, flowers and trees. So, in turn we need them for our food and the air we breathe. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and with the rays from the sun and water the roots absorb this allows the tree to admit oxygen. The cycle of life is beautiful, and we all have an important role in nature. This is a cute way to honor nature around us.

Redbalifrog Sweet Pea Flower is beautifully done with four sweet pea flowers you will see as the bead turns. I love that the sweet pea is the same size and style design as Redbalifrog Calla Lily, which makes it the perfect match to balance out a bracelet. This bead is sterling silver with a universal sized core, measures approximately 11.05 mm high x 15.45 mm wide and weighs 5 grams. Sweet Pea Flower retails for $37 / €28,50 

Redbalifrog Honey Pot reminds of me of the ceramic honey pot my grandmother had when I was a child, it was always on the table to have with fresh home-made biscuits. I love the cute little bee on top of the honey pot. This is sure to be a favorite to all of the bee compositions! This bead is sterling silver with a universal core and measures approximately 19.75 mm high x 13.42 mm wide and weighs 6 grams. Honey Pot retails for $44 / €37

Over all, I feel both beads are the perfect additions to the Redbalifrog line. I love that they go so well with already released beads to create the perfect themes. I sometimes like doing random bracelets but more often I do themed bracelets and love when a brand creates beads that go well with beads already in their line. I think both will be popular. Of course, like always these are nice size and weighted beads at really good prices.

If you would like to shop for any of the new Redbalifrog release you may do so at any of the following links.


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As always, I love hearing from you all. What are your thoughts of the Honey Pot and Sweet Pea Flower? What type of composition would you use these in? Leave me a comment below.








2 responses to “Review: Redbalifrog Honey Pot and Sweet Pea Flower!

  1. What al beautiful combination! I really like the Redbalifrog silvers, they are always very well made. Sweet Pea and Calla Lily are a good match, I think that shape works great on a leather bracelet too.

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    • Thanks so much! I totally agree, I’ve always enjoyed wearing the calla lily on a leather alone or with pearls. I love the fact that the sweet pea was done in the same design and matches.


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