Review: Cristy Cali Elephant Totem and Bohemian Elephant Couture Charms

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Cristy Cali Elephant Totem and Bohemian Elephant Couture Charms.

I have been working on putting together a good luck elephant bracelet and the latest elephants to my collection are the Elephant Totem and Bohemian Elephant from Cristy Cali’s Couture charm collection. I have paired them with the Ohm Beads Royal Elephant a Thailand exclusive, the Trollbeads Elephant Clasp, two Trollbeads Labradorite, a unique and Raindrops from the Autumn 2017 collection.

Cristy Cali Bohemian Elephant Couture Charm is a beautifully designed bead and reminds me of the royal elephants you see in Thailand. On the back you will find a Mandela type design and on top of her head are five genuine white sapphires. This bead measures 12.98 mm high x 11.06 mm wide and weighs 8 grams. Bohemian Elephant retails for $98

I’ve taken photos at different angles to show these beads on the bracelet. The stones and glass beads are a standard 14 mm.

Cristy Cali Elephant Totem Couture Charm is such a cute bead. It is said that wearing elephant jewelry with the trunk up brings good luck. This bead has the same design on each side, measures approximately 14.85 mm high x 17.56 mm wide and weighs 5 grams. Elephant Totem retails for $48

“Cristy’s Comments: Elephants have always been one of my favorite animals for their reverence, intelligence, power, strength, courage and family-orientation.”

Wrist Shot!

Over all, I really love both Elephants, I think both are a nice size and work well with other brands. I love the added details of the sapphires on the Bohemian Elephant which catch light beautifully.

If you would like to shop for either Elephant you may do so directly from Cristy Cali’s website at the banner link below and save 10% while you are there on your entire order.

What do you think of the two Elephants from Cristy Cali? What other Elephants would you wear with these two beads? Or what type of composition would you add these to? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so leave me a comment below!



7 responses to “Review: Cristy Cali Elephant Totem and Bohemian Elephant Couture Charms

  1. I do love the elephant theme… they are such smart and lovely creatures….. I have posted many times my elephant themed bracelet with Argo Studios Jewellery Cute Ganesha and Crowned Ganesha, now I’ve added an amazing Indian Elephant lock by 4UNIQUE brand…so these Cristy Caly silvers should be perfect to match!!!!!!!!!! thanks for this !!!!!!!!!


  2. I love elephants! I have the totem elephant and I have been wanting the Bohemian elephant, but always wondered what the back looked like so I never got him. Thank you so much for the amazing photos! He is a must have now!

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    • Thanks so much, Noemi! The Mandela design on the back is so beautiful, along with the white sapphires on top of his head. He is my favorite of the two 💜 if you use the link, you get 10% off 😉


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