Halloween with Bella Fascini

Today Beadsaholic celebrates Halloween with Bella Fascini!

I always love this time of the year and Bella Fascini makes some of my favorite Halloween beads, so today we will revisit some favorites as well as some updated versions.

Bella Fascini also has a promotion currently going on, when you spend $60 or more receive 15% off your entire order! Use coupon code Treat15 on Bella Fascini Website. Ends October 31, 2018.

This year Bella Fascini has added a new pumpkin Halloween Pumpkin Pepo, the purple pumpkin in the middle, but she has also updated Halloween Black Magic Jack and Pumpkin Jackie-O. Each bead measures approximately 12.84 mm high x 12.50 mm wide.

I love the added vine and leaves to the top of each pumpkin.

Bella Fascini Halloween Pumpkin Black Magic Jack kept the same black enamel with lots of glitter, you will however, notice a size difference. The first bead is the new updated version.

Same with the Bella Fascini Halloween Pumpkin Jackie-O, except not only is the updated version bigger, but she has also added glitter to the enamel.

Here are the three Bella Fascini Halloween Wicked Witch Potion Cauldron Beads from the last few years. Last years and this year have some slight differences in detail. Bead on the right is the original design. First two designs measure 14.01 mm high x 14.60 mm wide. I’m including photos of the backs and bottoms.

Bella Fascini Halloween Carving The Pumpkin Tradition is a cute pumpkin design that looks as though they were right in the middle of carving. This bead measures approximately 13.27 mm high x 12.57 mm wide.

This is a must have bead as it’s been a tradition in my family to carve or decorate a pumpkin each year, a tradition my Mother started with me and I carried on with my children.

I love the vine detailing on the back.

Bella Fascini Halloween Witch Hat Haunted House is my favorite! I love the detailing of this bead. If you notice on the front is a Coffin door with a bat, a ghost, witches’ hat, on the side is a cauldron and on the back another ghost. This bead measures approximately 16.46 mm high x 10.43 mm wide.

Bella Fascini also has two cute enamel Halloween Haunting Ghost Sparkly Boo and Mist Boo. Both measures approximately 16.56 mm high x 14.22 mm wide.

Bella Fascini Halloween Walking Dead Mummy Head Monster bead is a cute mummy head measuring 11.28 mm high x 8.48 mm wide.

I have combined the above Bella Fascini silvers with some beautiful Beauty Beads jumbo glass below. I am including photos at different angles to give you a better look at each bead used.

Wrist Shot!

Over all, you cannot go wrong with Bella Fascini Beads, You will find a nice size bead at a great price and the 15% off is a nice bonus!

If you would like to browse the Bella Fascini line you may do so at the following banner link.

Do you have any Bella Fascini beads? If so, what is your favorite? Are any of the beads discussed here today on your wish list? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below ❤






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