Review: Ohm Beads Puss

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Ohm Beads Puss.

Ohm Beads Puss is the perfect bead for anyone who loves cats. What I like best about this bead is the way it sits on the wrist, it depicts a black Sphynx cat and reminds me of the cat in the Austin Power movies Mr. Bigglesworth. I of course had to style it in this article for Halloween, but honestly I think this bead is perfect for year-round. I personally love black cats, I think they are just so beautiful.

Ohm Beads Puss is such an adorable oxidized wrinkly kitty! I have always wanted a black sphynx and well this is as close as I’m getting. Puss sits up-straight on the bangle which is a plus. At times oxidation can take away from a design, but I must say in this design it really adds to the details. He has a long slender neck, smooth and wrinkly skin, tail twirls at the end and he has the cutest paws. This bead is a nice size measuring approximately 15.89 mm high x 13.83 mm wide and retails for $60 / €56, European prices include vat.

Look how cute the paws are!!!

I created a witch’s theme with Ohm Beads Puss and I really enjoyed wearing this composition. I’m including up-close photos of each part of this bracelet, so you can get a closer look at the beads used.

List of beads: Ohm Beads Dangling Wieners, Ohm Beads Mardi Gras Mask, Ohm Beads Love Yourself, Chamilia Witch Hat, Ohm Beads Dreamscape, Ohm Beads Puss, Ohm Beads Smoke on the Water, Ohm Beads Magic Frog, Ohm Beads Purple Haze, Ohm Beads Dirty Magic, Ohm Beads Purple Haze, Redbalifrog Book of Spells, Ohm Beads Smoke on the Water, Ohm Beads Witch & Cat, Ohm Beads Dreamscape, Trollbeads Witch Shoes, Ohm Beads Luna, Ohm Beads Mardi Gras Mask, Redbalifrog Gypsy Crystal Ball, Redbalifrog Bubble Stopper and Trollbeads Bat Lock.

My Witches shoes are made for moon walking.

I love how Puss looks to the side.

This photo should give you a good guide on sizing compared to the beads I have placed with Ohm Beads Puss.

Wrist Shots!

Over all, I really love this bead and if you love cats, then this is the bead for you.

If you would like to order this bead you may do so at any of the following links below. Featured retailers offer vat free shopping for those outside Europe. Also, available at the banner link at Ohm Beads USA, Europe and Australia.

Featured Ohm Beads Retailers

(Alphabetical order)

Beads Fanatic – Ships Globally from Spain

Perlen – Ships Globally from Denmark

Pianeta Beads – Ships Globally from Italy

Star Bijou – Ships Globally from Germany

Have you ordered the Ohm Beads Puss? If so, what are your thoughts and what type of composition do you wear yours in? Is this bead on your wish-list? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you all ❤






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