Introduction to Niwa Beads and a review of Wings of Beauty!

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of a brand-new line Niwa Beads!

Today I would like to introduce you guys to a brand-new fantastic line of beads that is now available at Star Bijou in Germany. Niwa Beads announced their first design Wings of Beauty late summer that is available online and has since released an Autumn release which I’ll cover here on the blog next. Though Niwa Beads is new to many of us it all started thirty-years ago by an Aunt and Uncle on a small island Kok Samui in Thailand. The shop then named Farnshop sold locally and created beautiful unique jewelry. The business being family owned and the passing of the Aunt and Uncle, their niece has since taken over and is creating new and exciting pieces of jewelry that will now be offered world-wide. As of right now designs are limited, numbered and offered in small batches. Niwa Beads has two bases of operations in Germany and Thailand.

Niwa Beads Wings of Beauty is a limited-edition design, limited to only two-hundred (200) pieces made. Each bead is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Each Wings of Beauty has seven different Butterflies dangling from the ring. The ring the butterflies dangle from measures approximately 10.41 mm high, largest butterflies’ measures approximately 5.35 mm high, giving a total height of approximately 15.76 mm and a width of 6.51. I love the fact that each butterfly is different which adds to the beauty of this bead. Wings of Beauty retails for €65, price includes vat.

I really love this type of design in pairs, They frame a focal bead perfectly. Also, notice in this photo that you can see the different butterfly designs.

I have created some different designs today both on a bangle and on the Trollbeads Fantasy necklace. Just to give you some ideas of how they look with other beads in different styling.

This first composition I used Trollbeads Mother’s Rose and Ogerbeads Orchid Pixiedust as a focal. I love how the butterflies look as though they are flying in between the beads.

Here I switched it up using the two butterfly beads as the focal with the Trollbeads Mother’s Rose framing the beautiful butterflies. I’ve done this design before with Ohm Beads Lucky Moves and Hearts, It’s a design I very much like wearing.

You can even go with a focal with just the Butterflies and some plain stoppers, I think this would look great with a larger focal with flowers.

As you can see here, they are perfect with the Ohm Beads Butterflies, I think they complement the larger butterfly perfectly. I also used two purple Ogerbeads glass beads Diva Dewdrops and Dark Empire Air.

I think I’ll use them most often with my Spiritbeads Kokeshi dolls. I really love adding the Kokeshi’s to a garden themed bracelet which would be perfect with the Wings of Beauty!

The fact that the butterflies dangle makes them perfect to wear on a Trollbeads fantasy chain or on an Ohm Beads Ball necklace. I love how they dangle down over the pearls in this design.

I’m including an unboxing video of the Niwa Beads Wings of Beauty. Please ignore my dry hands, as I still had some paint that didn’t wash off, yikes. But, I wanted to give you all a live view of this bead.

Wrist Shot!

Over all, I predict that this brand will grow leaps and bounds world-wide. They have created a beautiful quality brand that will look fantastic with all the other brands we all love. I’m rather excited to see what is yet to come.

If you would like to add Wings of Beauty to your collection, then you may do so at the following banner link.

I am super excited to be able to share this brand with you all here on the blog and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new designs being offered. So, leave me a comment below. I truly hope you guys like seeing fresh new designs and brands here on Beadsaholic ❤



12 responses to “Introduction to Niwa Beads and a review of Wings of Beauty!

  1. Not too sure what‘s new about this design 🤔 Ohm made lucky moves, moving on. Here we see butterflies instead of clover!
    Just puzzled about this LE release.
    The LE release of Wings of Beauty was sold out in August. What‘s different about this release?


    • The concept of the design is similar, yes. The design itself is butterflies and each butterfly is different. This is the same release from August, as I mentioned it was a late summer release; however, it’s new being featured here on the blog and at Star Bijou. This is the first time being introduced to the blog, so I’m not sure about any previous sell-outs on social media. However, it’s my understanding that there were 200 pieces made and each one is numbered including the two I received.


      • When I read about this, I immediately clicked on the link you provided and Star-bijou said that it was not available yet and to sign up for notification. I just checked this morning and it said SOLD OUT!! Never got the “notification”, of course! I’m so p###ed off!
        Thanks Star-Bijou 🤬


      • I am so sorry, Belinda, it actually never went back in stock, before it was switched to sold out. There were limited amounts and the small company itself was out of stock, so they were not able to restock is my understanding.


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