Review: Niwa Beads Lock Your Heart, Lock Your Memories and Keys of You Heart.

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Niwa Beads latest collection.

Niwa Beads recently introduced their latest collection on social media and I must say I love it. I personally love old type locks and skeleton keys. Growing up in the southern states of the USA I’m not a stranger to old houses, as a matter of fact I grew up in an old house where all the doors had these types of key holes. This release reminds me of the locks and keys from the Victorian Era and they remind me of the little antique locks you would find on diaries to lock all your thoughts away. I also, can’t help but to be reminded of the movie “The Skeleton Key” which is based in New Orleans, Louisiana Historic district which consist of beautiful old plantation homes. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should check it out.

When I think of padlocks I instantly think of the Love Locks on bridges here in Mississippi and in France. It may be odd to some, but I find these locks romantically designed. Whether it’s a Love Lock you use to represent the love of your life or a lock on a diary that holds all your deepest desires, the symbolism can hold our deepest passion. What do they symbolize to you?

Niwa Beads Lock Your Heart is currently out of stock, this lock is limited-edition and only fifty (50) beads were made. Though it’s currently not available I wanted to share the details for those who were able to order this bead. As you will see in the following photos this lock has a Victorian design with key hole surrounded by beautiful swirl and feathering designs. The lock has a small two ring chain hanging from the top of the lock. Lock Your Heart measures approximately 17.55 mm high x 12.43 mm wide and weighs eight (8) grams so this is a nice size weighty bead. This bead retails for €65, price includes vat.

Niwa Beads Lock Your Memories is limited-edition and is limited to only fifty (50) beads made. I really love the old look of this lock with what looks to be made up of wooden planks or even pieced together metal. Maybe a little bit of a steampunk look? No gears of course, but steampunk isn’t only about gears. Both sides look the same and have the same type styling around the edges. Lock You Memories measures approximately 17.30 mm high x 13.12 mm wide and weighs eight (8) grams. This bead retails for €65, price includes vat.

Niwa Beads Keys of Your Heart is also limited-edition, only one-hundred (100) of these being made. It’s a concept like their Wings of Beauty, except here you have skeleton keys. There are seven (7) keys and each one is designed differently. The ring that the keys are dangling from measures approximately 10.20 mm high, each key range around 14 mm high and width is roughly 6 mm and weighs four (4) grams. Keys of Your Heart retails for €65, price includes vat.

I really love this release with the old retired Heart Lock from Redbalifrog. I think the two locks with the keys in the middle is simple but elegant.

I wanted to go with romantic colors of rich tones of gold and red. I think the outcome is rather beautiful and I’m sure I will put this bracelet back together several times over the winter months, as I really love it. I have used Trollbeads glass, Aurora Irish Celtic Eternity Amber, Ohm Beads Roses, We Learn As We Age, Beasties and Cristy Cali’s Magnolia.

Wrist Shots!

I really LOVE it with the keys and lock as the focal and framed with glass. Glass beads are Celtic Creations and stacked here with Cristy Cali’s Queen of Hearts bracelet.

I’m also including a video of the bangle I’m wearing today with the Niwa Beads Lock Your Memories and Keys of Your Heart. Also, on the bangle is two new beads from Celtic Creations, look for the review coming up!

Over all, I really like what Niwa Beads has offered so far. For the price you are getting a nicely detailed bead that is a nice size and weight. Designs are easy to use and will fit in many different compositions.

If you would like to order these beads while they are available you may do so at the following banner link. Please note, that Star Bijou offers vat free shopping for those outside of Europe.

As always, I value your thoughts and would love to know what these locks and keys symbolize to you? What type of meaning would they have for you and what type of compositions do you see them looking beautiful in? Leave me a comment below ❤






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