New Collection Coming from Redbalifrog!

Today Beadsaholic brings an announcement of a new collection coming from Redbalifrog!

I am totally excited to announce the upcoming Redbalifrog release Bliss Mass! This collection will consist of five beautiful new pieces. As many know, I am always excited for new releases by Redbalifrog and I know this release will be fantastic. Release date is set for November 30, 2018 at 11 pm Sydney time / 6 am central time (world clock here).

Over all, I am truly looking forward to this release. How about you? What are your thoughts on the upcoming release and what do you hope to see? As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and look forward to your comments, so, leave me a comment below! ❤






4 responses to “New Collection Coming from Redbalifrog!

  1. Oh, I’m sure there will be at least one item I want. I’m really looking forward to seeing the collection. I love Trollbeads variety and color, Ohm’s quirky originality … but there’s just something really special about Redbalifrog.

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      • Y’know, I was thinking about it. It wouldn’t surprise me, based on how Bliss Mass is written (with 2 words, 2 s’s. It could have easily been Blissmas, but it’s not.), there was a somewhat religious theme. I’m guessing sort of a Midnight Mass, starry, candlelight, mysticy feel. Maybe even a manger. Personally, I would LOVE a very nice guiding star. I’m probably just engaging in wishful thinking.

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      • Well, the count-down has begun! We will know this Friday! I do love your ideas. Did you know there was a guiding star on the back side of Madonna and Child? I wear it most with the Star side showing.


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