Ogerbeads Galaxy Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a preview and a review of Ogerbeads latest Galaxy Collection.

I was rather excited to see this new collection as I love galaxy themes and have collected galaxy themed beads in different brands over the years. In this collection you will find one new stopper, four new silvers and nine new glass beads. I don’t have the whole collection, but received several beads from this collection and will share them here today.

Ogerbeads are made of sterling silver with universal cores, which means these beautiful beads will fit most European bracelet systems like Ohm, Chamilia, Pandora and Trollbeads.

Here you will find the full collection. Photo courtesy of Ogerbeads.

Here are eight of the new beads from this collection together at different angles.

Ogerbeads Moon and Above is a full moon on one side and a crescent moon with a face on the other. This is rather a unique take on the moon design and I like that as the bead rolls you see a different moon. This bead measures approximately 14.13 mm high x 13.05 mm wide and retails for €42

“Moon – Our faithful companion in the sky at night. With one side so rough from the countless hits it has taken to protect our little planet from impact, while on the other side it shows a gentle face that helps you fall asleep. Moon, we love you!”

Ogerbeads Rocket Is a cute old-fashioned rocket with a layered star on each side. The Rocket measures approximately 14.20 mm high x 10.74 mm wide ad retails for €27 

“Rocket – Faster than light we travel through an unknown universe to discover new planets and species. Take us beyond the stars!”

Ogerbeads Twinkle Twinkle is an open work design with a star on each side inside a circle, with three dangling stars and three stars engraved on the top. Twinkle Twinkle measures approximately 15.25 mm high x 9.72 mm wide and retails for €42

“Twinkle Twinkle – Like the stars in the sky, these stars always keep moving. Catching the light from different angles and shining a light on you. Playful and cheerful and just like Marilyn Monroe once said: “Everyone deserves to be a star!”

Ogerbeads Galaxy Stopper is a nice weighty stopper that fits nicely on the Ogerbeads bracelet and even on Trollbeads Bangles. It has stars and what looks to be shooting stars. The Galaxy stopper measures approximately 12.30 mm high x 4.25 mm wide and retails for €32

“Galaxy Stopper – Inspired by stars and craters on planets like the moon, this stopper makes us stop and wonder “what more is out there?”

Ogerbeads Waterfall Flower Garden is a stunning glass bead with different shades of blue, white and four raised blue flowers. This bead measures approximately 17.38 mm high x 7.46 mm wide and retails for €27

Ogerbeads Skyline is a stunning glass beads which looks like it has an entire galaxy encased in clear glass. I truly love this bead and it is a must have for any galaxy themed composition. Skyline measures approximately 14.50 mm high x 7.93 mm wide and retails for €27

Ogerbeads Night Sky is another fantastic bead with beautiful shades of blue encased in a clear faceted glass. Night Sky measures approximately 14.25 mm high x 7.50 mm wide and retails for €32

Ogerbeads Galaxy is a beautiful sparkly blue glitter encase in clear faceted glass with bubbles. Galaxy measures approximately 14.30 mm high x 7.73 mm wide and retails for €27

I of course had to make a full celestial bracelet with the new beads along with a few previously released Ogerbeads and Trollbeads.

I’m including up-close photos of the entire bracelet to give you a closer look at the beads I’ve used in this composition.

I really love the cute face on the moon.

The beads are great mixed on bangles stacked together.

Wrist Shot!

Over all, this is a great collection and I can see using these beads quite a bit. If you love celestial themed beads then I think these would be a perfect addition to your collection.

If you would like to shop this collection you may do so at the following banner links. Please note that both offer vat free shopping for those outside of Europe.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this release! Do you have any favorites, must haves? Leave me a comment below ❤






3 responses to “Ogerbeads Galaxy Collection Review

  1. UGGGGHHHHHH WHY IS MY SPACE-THEMED BRACELET FULL?!!! I may have to have that moon anyways…. I filled up the last few spots on my space bracelet the LAST time Ogerbeads did a similar collection, they really need to stop! [not!] That Universe silver they did last time is everything.

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