1st Day of Beadmas – Giveaway! (Winner: Jackie Randall)

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of 2018 Beadmas with Ohm Beads!

Winner: Jackie Randall!! Congrats! 

Jackie, Please email me your info or message me on social media. 

This year Beadsaholic will be hosting five giveaways here on the blog and on the last day I will host one here and one on Instagram! If you are not following me on Instagram you can do so here. Every year Ohm Beads gives back to Ohmily by working with Ohmsters and Ohmbassadors across Ohmverse to host giveaways. So, be sure to check out all the giveaways on social media!

Today is the 1st Day of Beadmas and Beadsaholic will be giving away one Ohm Beads Santa 2E to one lucky winner! Santa 2E is part of the Ohm CPR Project. Seen here.

How to enter:

Follow Beadsaholic or sign up for emails to stay up to date on the latest bead news!

Good Luck! Winner will be announced tomorrow.





141 responses to “1st Day of Beadmas – Giveaway! (Winner: Jackie Randall)

  1. I do not remember that I had strange gifts! I remember that I had a gift which seldom meets in life of one person: I learned that I will have a child!! then I gave birth to the son)))

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  2. A Hello Kitty Toaster when I was 19. Every piece of toast had Hello Kittys face on it. I threw it away shortly after because it made the toast unfortunately smell like burnt plastic but it was super cute.

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  3. My Christmas gift was unusual I know when I discovered that I was going to be a mother for the 4th time a baby surprise what happiness to end the year with this little gift of life

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  4. A microwave oven (years ago, after they first came out). My little kids were supposed to keep it a surprise, but daughter just couldn’t help herself… Couldn’t remember what it was called, but “hinted” that I was getting a “box that sits on the counter and cooks things really fast!”

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  5. The most unusual? That’s a difficult one… I guess a pen from my mother in law. A simple small one with my first name on it that you can buy for less than 10 euros on. Christmas market around here. I’m used to her giving me crappy presents but I was NOT expecting that.

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  6. I think that the most unusual gift was a subscription to the rink, despite the fact that I do not know how to skate and it was an incentive for me to start skating. Great gift

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  7. Hello. A kitchen apron from my husband s mother….white nothing on it…I think it was à gift message…”feed properly my son son” or something like that..😂

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  8. My unusual Christmas gift was free stay and free Xmas dinner buffet in the most luxurious hotel in Thailand,right 1 month after my dad’s death from cancer . It’s like God is trying to console us with this.

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  9. My most unusual christmas gift… oh help, I think all the gift I ever got were from my list or santa knows me very well . Probably it was a trip to Disneyland Paris for Christmas I won during the christmas season on the radio.

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