Beadmas Day 3 Giveaway! Winner Ruby L!

Beadmas Day 3 random WINNER is: Ruby L!

Please send me an email through the blog or message me on social media!


Today is the 3rd day of Beadmas and time for another giveaway here on Beadsaholic!

Enter to win the Ohm Beads Baby Reindeer 2E from the CPR Project.

How to enter:

  • Share on Social Media Facebook or Instagram by visiting my page and either sharing or tagging your friends.
  • Be sure to follow me here on the blog and social media.
  • Comment below “what is on your wish list this Christmas?” 

Good Luck! A random winner will be chosen tomorrow.





110 responses to “Beadmas Day 3 Giveaway! Winner Ruby L!

  1. On my wish list this year : children hapiness when they’ll discover their gifts I love this moment, spend more time With my friends because this year was really complicated to have time with them, and more material some beads for me because I’m starting, and I’ll be happy to have a little more .. It’s m’y pleasure on this time…

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  2. Hi Paula!

    I’ve tagged friends on your Instagram post. 😛

    My wish list is obviously happiness and good health to my family and I

    And if I could get OHM Octopus lock, that would be awesome. HAHAAH.

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  3. Besides good health for my family as we’re having a bad time at the moment I’m wishing for ‘Landline ‘ as it takes me back to my childhood.

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  4. I wish all of you and my family will be healthy! 2018 was great, I hope 2019 will be so too. Of course I hope to get some beads from my neverending wishlist!

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  5. I want to spend these happy days with my family, hoping for their love, laughing and singing Christmas carols and that my Ba.Lé Will become famous.

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  6. Wishing health to one and all. Recovering from foot surgery so I have no idea if hubby will get me any beads, so entering any competitions hoping to be lucky.

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  7. My grandfa was in Coma lastweek, but thanks God he woke up when i was there. And now i know my Mom-in-law must face to big Operation nextweek, that’s hurt me alot.
    If i could,i wish for them Heath. And me,i wish i could stay with them more longer

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  8. Since it lasts about 2 weeks to the arrival of our princess (and she is already the best gift I could have) I hope everything goes well! I want so much health and happiness close to my family. Then if I received even some beads as a gift, happiness would be even greater! 😍😍😍😍😍

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  9. I will start to study Animation 3D and videogames. i felt in love with a keyboards for my computer with leds and stuff. This is my biggest wish and the first on the list. 😍😍😍😍

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  10. In my list there is a machine to walk at home, like the ones in the gym ( a walker?) . I don’ t walk a lot, and I think with this I could do some exercise at home.

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  11. My wish is for a little peace over the Christmas season, enough to eat and a warm bed for all (people and animals alike) and that we can all be a little kinder to each other xx

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