Ohm Beads Australian Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Ohm Beads Australian Collection.

If you follow Ohm Beads Australia then you know the lovely Karla at Ohm, she has designed some fantastic beads from Down Under in the first collection exclusively at Ohm Australia. I am missing one glass design Reef Dust (seen here), which sold out shortly after its release. Reef Dust was the very first exclusive release for Ohm Beads Australia, since its release there has been Dreamtime, Great Barrier Reef, Metal Dude, Willie the Wombat and Freddie the Frill which we will take a closer look at in this article.

Ohm Beads Great Barrier Reef is a stunning barrel glass bead with what looks to be a reef base with fine grains of glitter encased in a deep translucent blue. I really love this bead and I find that the blue glass matches the Ohm Lily Pad perfectly. This bead is a standard size and retails for $55 AUD

I’m including a video under the ottelite to show the core better and all the yummy glitter.

Ohm Beads Dreamtime is a cream base glass barrel and what reminds me of pebbles with two raised lizards. Dreamtime means the beginning of time. According to Aboriginal belief, all life on earth – Human, Animal, Bird and Lizard is part of an unchanging network of relationships which can be traced to the spiritual ancestors of the Dreamtime. I find the meaning behind this bead and the Aboriginal people of Australia to be rather interesting and it reminds me a lot of the indigenous people of the United States. Dreamtime is a standard size bead and retails for $65 AUD

Ohm Beads Metal Dude is designed in the likeness of Ned Kelly the notorious Australian bushranging outlaw from the mid eighteen-hundreds known as a folk hero with a folklore following like our very own Billy the Kid or Bonnie and Clyde here in the USA. Ned Kelly and his gang started off stealing cattle and horses for his step-fathers cattle run, as time passed the gang moved on to robbery of banks, hostage situations and a shoot-out with the police. Ned Kelly was infamous for this final shoot-out before his capture and execution for his metal suit of bulletproof armor. Ned Kelly was only 25-years old when he was sentenced to death. He has been renown as being like Robin Hood and was supported by the poor sector while the government thought of him as a murderous outlaw. To this day Ned Kelly has been immortalized by a huge statue that stands in Glenrowan Victoria Australia where the incident unfolded. Metal Dude measures approximately 14.60 mm high x 10.20 mm wide and retails for $82 AUD

Ohm Beads Willy the Wombat is simply adorable! Wombats are short-legged marsupials that are native to Australia. They are mostly nocturnal and are herbivores. This is a nice size sterling silver bead with fantastic detailing. Willy the Wombat measures approximately 10.54 mm high x 17.65 mm wide with a nice weight and retails for $100 AUD

How cute are these paws?!?

Want to know “what is a Wombat?” I’m including a video from Media Animal TV. These guys are too cute!!

Ohm Beads Freddie the Frill is a super cool bead! I love this guy. Frilled Neck Lizards create a dramatic display by spreading its frills, a gaped mouth, raised body with its tail curved above his body. This display is used to frighten off predators and during courtship. I love that this bead hangs on the bracelet by the tail. Freddie the Frill measures approximately 12.07 mm high x 18.22 mm in length x 10.41 mm wide and retails for $74 AUD 

Freddie the Frill sits nicely on a bracelet hanging from its tail.

Look how cool these guys are! I’m including a video from National Geographic showing the Frilled Neck Lizard.

I really like wearing these beads together. It is on my bucket list to one day visit Australia and over time I’d like to add to this theme. Maybe one day add a Reef Dust from the first AU release. I find that these beads can also be used in many different themes and Dreamtime would be great on a Native American bracelet.

I’m including different angled views of the Ohm Bangle to give you an idea of how they sit on the bangle.

How about one more video showing all the beads on the Ohm Dirty Bangle?

Wrist Shots!

Over all, I’m sure these beads are not for everyone, but I personally love them and think many of you will as well. I’d really love the chameleon-y and Octopus-y locks to wear with these beads on the Chunky Bracelet. It would be the perfect finishing touch. I’ll probably add my bucket list bead as well when I’m not using it in my beach themes.

If you find you want to add one of these beads to your collection you may do so through the banner link below. All beads in this article are exclusive to Ohm Beads Australia and can only be purchased there.

I would love to know your thoughts on these beads? Do you have any of them? I’d love to hear from you all, so leave me a comment below. I hope you find this article helpful ❤



7 responses to “Ohm Beads Australian Collection Review

  1. I have the Barrier Reef glass beads (as well as Reef Dust). I think I prefer the stunning colour of the Barrier Reef ones – the Reef Dusts are almost identical anyhow. I also have the Dreamtime beads – like the Sucker glasses, the thought of the protuding parts – the stylised lizard – being bumped off is a big concern for me, but aesthetically, they are nice. If the lizard does get damaged, it’s backing colour is pretty enough to polish it and continue to wear.

    I might buy the frilled neck lizard – I already have a big one from elsewhere as a pendant. The price of the wombat is disappointing, but it looks to be a cool bead. As for Ned Kelly, I will never wear a bead that represents him. He was scum. He started assaulting people at age 14 and went on to shoot and kill, including CHILDREN. I have no idea why people regard him as a hero. He was definitely not that.

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  2. Hi! If the glass beads are no longer on the website, does that mean they aren’t making anymore? Thank you! Lovely review!


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