Ohm Beads the Twelve Apostles Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings a preview of Ohm Beads The Twelve Apostles!

Ohm Beads The Twelve Apostles is an Ohm Australia Exclusive that will be available on Ohm Together on January 25, 2019, follow me on social media as I will be posting reminders closer to the date with a count down and more information. The Twelve Apostles will be limited to three-hundred and thirty-three (333) beads.

This is another design from Down Under and is the perfect addition to the previously released beads from Ohm Australia (see the collection here). This design is in resemblance of the twelve apostle rock stacks on the coast line of Victoria, Australia (seen here).

Photographs courtesy of Ohm Beads.

Over all, I think this will be a nice addition to the Ohm Australia Collection, I have been personally working on an Australian themed bracelet and think this will be a nice touch. I look forward to seeing the variations and seeing the designs you all create.

Please note, that there is no pre-order on these, they will be available only at the Ohm Australia Event on January 25, 2019 on Ohm Together. Stay tuned for more information.

As always, I love hearing from you all. What are your thoughts of this bead? Will it be on your wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤







One response to “Ohm Beads the Twelve Apostles Preview

  1. Oh my goodness, such a beautiful bead. The twelve apostles is very close to where I live. Absolutely a must see on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria not far ftom Melbourne 😊

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