Trollbeads Spring 2019 Nature Art Sneak Peek

Today Beadsaholic brings a sneak peek of Trollbeads 2019 Spring Collection Nature Art!

Social media has been buzzing all day today about the new release coming from Trollbeads and I have some fresh new campaign photos from Trollbeads USA to share. In the Spring Collection Nature Art, you will find two new glass kits, two stones, a pearl, two new locks, three spacers, six silver beads, two pair of hook earrings, hanging petals and a ring! This is a huge release that has something for everyone.

I am beyond excited to see the Peacock Pearl making its way back into the collection, as these have been on my wish list for years now. Also seeing its way back into the collection is the stone Green Aventurine and new to the collection is the very versatile Grey Moonstone, I’m sure I’ll need at least two of this stone!

The first glass kit is Sunrise and consist of Flowers of Grace, Dragonfly on Silk, Drops of White, White Tulips, Flowers of Elegance and Roots of Wisdom. You will see these in the images above and below. Also, pay close attention as some of these designs you may have seen previously in the Trollbeads Jumbo uniques, but please note that these are not jumbos as they are a standard size glass bead. Prices are still the same $/€35 individually or $/€175 for the kit.

Also, notice mixed in are several knot designs created by Mette Saabye. Savoy Knot ($/€45) Friendship Knot ($/€45), Savoy Knot Spacer ($/€45), Savoy Knot Lock ($/€65) and Savoy Knot Ring ($/€55).

Above and below you will find glass beads from the Spirit & Hope Kit which consist of Seeds of Hope, Flowers of Hope, Green Tulips, Drops of Green, Dragonfly in the Garden and Roots of Spirit. Each retailing $/€35 individually and $/€175 for the kit.

Here you will notice several silvers designed by Søren Nielsen Lush Meadow ($/€35), Seed Pods ( $/€45), String Spacer ($/€45), Lush Meadow Lock ($/€65) and Lush Meadow Pendant ($/€85). There are also three silvers designed by Louise Rimpler Sea Shore ($/€25), Puddles ($/€35) and Trunk of Treasure Spacer ($/€45).

Over all, I personally love this release, I love the colors and I can see me wearing the Sunrise kit, Moonstone and pearl year-round and the Greens are perfect for spring and summer for sure! Most of the silvers are abstract designs which are easy to work with and I think will work into any composition. I am truly looking forward to seeing these designs in person.

Now for some important dates! Spring release will launch on January 25th, 2019 and I will have a full review here on Beadsaholic on January 21st, 2019!

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this release? So, please leave me a comment below ❤






6 responses to “Trollbeads Spring 2019 Nature Art Sneak Peek

  1. It’s been a while, but with this collection I must say I love almost everything.
    I like the colors, I love the knotted designs.
    As a recent collector I must say I like the return of the Aventurine stones and Peacock pearls. I’m one of those that had paid a ‘small’ fortune in order to acquire these beads, and I’m sure not everybody will be happy with this reappearance. But alas…
    I’m looking forward for your full review…
    Thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too, Martha. I really love the colors and I’m looking forward to the peacock pearls. I don’t mind the reappearance mainly because they are stones and pearls, so it’s not like re-releasing a glass or silver design.


  2. Great review. I think that there are a few of beads I will be purchasing – definitely the Aventurine and a couple of the peacock pearls. But really want to see live images first so appreciate you telling us the date of your full review. Cheers 😊

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    • I am excited to get them, they should arrive later this week, so I will have lots of time to get a photo-packed review ready. I hope the images help in your quest. Let me know if you want to see certain things together and I’ll see if i can make that happen 😉


  3. Pleased with the return of the peacock pearls and the Aventurine which I missed wasn’t collecting trollbeads then, so a pair peacock pearl teal if I can find them and a dark green Aventurine and two sea shore.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I will be on the hunt for different shades of Peacock pearls too. I’m most excited about this, as I didn’t have interest the first time around and like everyone my taste has changed some. I’m looking forward to seeing the variations of the Aventurine. Two sea shores will look fantastic together like bead caps.


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