Celebrating the New Year with Ni Wa Beads!

Today Beadsaholic celebrates the New Year 2019 with Ni Wa Beads!

Today is the very last day of 2018 and I will be ringing in 2019 with Ni Wa Beads! As many of you may know Ni Wa Beads is a family owned shop that is now offering their beautiful works of art online through Star Bijou. Being that it is a small company and each bead is hand-made, all are made in small batches and then they move on to new designs.

Ni Wa Beads Natural Spirit is a stunning bead of muted colors and bits of silver. As you will see in the following photos that this bead is different with each turn of the bead with muted colors of blue, purple, sand, olive and yellows swirled together. Each bead measures roughly 14 mm high x 9 mm wide with bead caps and a universal core. Natural Spirit retails for €55, price includes vat and is available here.

Ni Wa Beads Ivory Diamond is a pretty mix of white, off white and tan swirled together with cubic zirconia encased in clear glass. Ivory Diamond retails for €55, price includes vat.

Ni Wa Rainbow Phoenix Gold is a stunning rainbow glass with gold foil detailing throughout. This bead retails for €65, price includes vat.

Ni Wa Beads Lock Your Memories is a beautiful rustic lock and the review can be seen here. This bead retails for €65, price includes vat and is currently available here.

Ni Wa Beads Key of Your Heart and Lock Your Heart (review here).

Ni Wa Beads Wings of Beauty was the very first bead released from this brand and sold out shortly after (Review seen here).

Ni Wa Beads Infinity is a lucky charm for health, long life, business growth, lucky in love, lucky in game, protect from the evil eye and harm and reconcile love. This is one of my favorite charms from Ni Wa Beads, I love its meaning, and I have hope that it will brings me much luck in 2019. Infinity retails for €69, price includes vat.

I’m also including close ups of this one of a kind stunning bead that I dearly love.

This is my New Year’s bracelet with the Ni Wa Beads you have seen above plus some beautiful stones from Trollbeads.

Wrist Shot!

Over all, I am enjoying my New Year’s eve along with this bracelet and watching movies as I share here. I truly hope you all are having a wonderful New Year’s and my hopes are that 2019 will be a wonderful year for us all.

Please note that only the Ni Wa Beads Natural Spirit and Lock Your Memories are still available. If you would like to browse Ni Wa Beads, you may do so at the following banner link.

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know what you are doing for the New Year’s? Do you have any Ni Wa Beads? Any on your wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤








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