Spiritbeads Chochin Obake Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of a new release from Spiritbeads, Chochin Obake!

Earlier today we saw the debut of Spiritbeads Grandma and Grandpa (seen here) and now Spiritbeads is debuting their latest release Chochin Obake.

Chõchin-obake (meaning paper lantern ghost) is a type of tsukumogami (meaning tool) in Japanese folklore Chõchin-obake is created from a chõchin lantern composed of bamboo and silk or paper.  These spooky lanterns have one eye and a long protruding tongue from his mouth just as the one here created by Spiritbeads. The Chõchin-obake is a bit of a trickster who likes to scare humans while rolling his big eye and tongue while laughing. They are harmless and comical creatures.

Spiritbeads Chochin Obake comes in two sizes small (left) and Large (right) they are designed from the folklore legend that carries the same name. The large Chochin Obake measures approximately 18.94 mm high x 14.31 mm wide and dangles 26.54 mm and the small Chochin Obake measures approximately 14.46 mm high x 9.07 mm wide and dangles 22.73 mm.

Spiritbeads Small Chochin Obake retails for €58, price includes vat.

Spiritbeads Large Chochin Obake retails for €68, price includes vat.

The large makes the perfect pendant but can also be worn as a dangle on a bracelet. Here I have it on a long ball chain, and the small on a bangle alongside Spiritbeads Bamboo, Trollbeads uniques and Redbalifrog Frangipani stoppers.

The Chochin Obake is perfect in a simply bangle with Trollbeads Sakuras and Redbalifrog Frangipani stoppers.

Here you can see size comparison with the Spiritbeads Lucky Coin dangle.

This guy is so comical!

In this composition I’m using all Spiritbeads silvers, Trollbeads Glass and the front two beads either side of the large Chochin Obake are made by Aqua Handmade & Gifts.

Over all, this is such a unique and fun design that can be used in endless compositions or as a cute pendant.

If you would like to browse the Spiritbeads line you may do so at either of the links below. Both offer vat free shopping for those outside of Europe.

Authorized Spiritbeads Retailer

Edone Gioielli – Ships from Italy

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this release? Do you have any Spiritbeads? A favorite? Leave me a comment below ❤






One response to “Spiritbeads Chochin Obake Review

  1. Wonderful combinations, particularly the one with the Trollbeads uniques. It’s certainly an usual bead but not really for me.


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