Spiritbeads Kokeshi Grandma and Grandpa Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Spiritbeads Kokeshi Grandma and Grandpa!

Today sees the debut of two new Spiritbeads Kokeshi Grandma and Grandpa! Being a grandmother myself, I find these guys adorable. I didn’t have time to take some nice outdoor photos, but managed to get some indoor studio shots done for today’s release.

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Spiritbeads Grandma is too adorable with her hair in a bun, hair pin, flower with a 0.005ct diamond color grade H clarity Si and cute detailing on the back and front of her kimono. Grandma is limited to three-hundred (300) pieces, measures approximately 15.49 mm high x 9.65 mm wide and retails for €88, price includes vat.

Spiritbeads Grandpa is fantastic and reminds me of the cute little old men in some Asian movies that I love. His hair is braided in the back and he has a cane. Grandpa is not limited, measures approximately 15.02 mm high x 8.70 mm wide and retails for €52, price includes vat.

I had a lot of fun playing with the two new beads and I have put them in both bracelet and bangle compositions. This first composition I have mixed all Spiritbeads with Trollbeads pink and red uniques.

I really love the grandparents with the Teahouse alongside Trollbeads uniques and Spiritbeads Bamboo.

Spiritbeads Grandma taking a stroll through the gardens with Spiritbeads Sakura and Lotus alongside Trollbeads uniques.

Nothing like a family dinner! Here I have mixed Spiritbeads Grandparents with Spiritbeads Kokeshi Tea, Koi, Lucky Coin, Lotus alongside Trollbeads Kimono set, Persona Dim Sum and a non-branded bowl of noodles.

Spirirtbeads Grandpa with Trollbeads Kimono and Spiritbeads Bamboo.

Spiritbeads grandparents with Trollbeads Kimono beads.

Over all, I think the Spiritbeads Grandparents are the perfect addition to the Spiritbeads Kokeshi line and will look fantastic in any Asian themed bracelet.

If you would like to order either or both Spiritbeads Grandparents then you may do so at either of the following links.

Authorized Spiritbeads Retailer

Edone Gioielli – Ships from Italy

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this release? Do you have any Spiritbeads? A favorite? Leave me a comment below ❤








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