Mama Beads La Loba Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings a full preview of Mama Beads La Loba Collection.

Starting today January 20, 2019 Mama Beads first collection La Loba will be available on their website. As we learned in the previous teaser La Loba is based off a story from the book “Women Who Run with Wolves” written by Dr. Clarissa Estés. I will soon have full reviews here on Beadsaholic, but for now here is a full preview of the entire collection.

Mama Beads The One Who Knows retails for R$220 (roughly $58)

“The One Who knows represents the wisdom and the patience in rescuing the bones that we lost through the path of life. With a lot of persistence, she wanders in search of those missing pieces, until she forms a full skeleton of a wolf and then performs her fire ritual. She sings and dances around the flame and, in the heat of the fire and the moment, gives birth to a new wolf: a strong and wild woman, ready to face life adversities. The one who knows represents the strength and persistence, and it is inside each and all woman. You just need to clear the senses and leave in search of everything that has been lost in the way, so then be able to listen to the Wild Woman’s call and reconnect to what is the most natural and primitive: the feminine power and all it can offer to us.”

Mama Beads The Bone Bag retails for R$180 (roughly $48)

“The Bone Bag is the company of the one who knows. If we stop to think, sometimes we realise that, in the name of responsibilities, of the family, the siblings, of work, we end up leaving behind thing that really matter for us and feed our souls. And to hear the wild calling, we need to have the patience to rescue our lost bones. With the patience of a wise old lady, we remake paths, return to ancient places and visit new ones so then recover all that was left behind, until our Bone Bag is full enough to lit up the flame and rescue the power of the wolf that lives inside us.”

Mama Beads She Wolf retails for R$240 (roughly $64)

“The She Wolf represents another part of the feminine awakening. After an intense search of what has been lost, we must silence so then we can hear the wild call. When we connect to what is most instinctive and primitive of us, the wolf rises from the fire: attentive, determined, fearless and wild, ready to feel and to use the power that germinates in our ovaries. She Wolf represents the wild woman herself, the pack leader, mother of earth and of everyone. It is in this energy that we can find the wisdom to face life adversities without abdicate what moves us and feeds our souls.”

All photographs courtesy of Mama Beads

Mama Beads La Loba Deal – 15%off + 1 palo santo bag gift – from R$640 to R$544 (roughly $145-$170)

If the La Loba tale touched your heart, the La Loba Deal is perfect for you. It is formed by the three main elements of the story (The One Who Knows, She Wolf and The Bone Bag) and accompanies a very special gift: the Palo Santo’s Aromatic Pillow. It is a little pillow of 17x8cm that works as an aromatizer of environments, purses and drawers. It is perfect to live a nice perfume in the room, for cleaning, protection and maintenance of the energy, besides keeping away the small insects, since the Palo Santo is a sacred wood and incredible aromatic used in spiritual healing rituals.

Mama Beads Mega Stopper Tress retails for R$140 (roughly $37)

“Mega stopper tress fabricated in Brasil in 925 Sterling Silver with worldwide distribution by online sale. It has an intern fixation rubber and it is a part of the “La Loba” collection form Mama Beads. It is considered mega because its size is slightly larger than the stoppers standard size. Its tress pattern is exclusive from Mama Beads. It is necessary for putting together beads combinations, since it is the responsible of fixation them in the bangles and bracelets. Your design is exclusive from Mama Beads and has been developed by Mama July.”

Mama Beads Mega Stopper Flat retails for  R$110 (roughly $29)

“Stoppers are necessary for the bead lovers. As they have an intern fixation rubber, they are what fixates the beads in the bangles and bracelets. This version is a mega version, because it has a slightly larger size of the world’s stopper standard, what gives it more shine and makes the stopper part of the combinations too. A nice tip is buying the stoppers in pairs so you can create more symmetrical combinations.”

Mama Beads Smooth Deal – free flat stopper – from R$460 to R$570 (roughly $122 – $152)

“The Smooth deal is the perfect request to make a thousand of combinations. Buying one Flat Bangle and one Flat Stopper, you take another Flat Stopper for free, what allows you to complete the Stoppers Pair, what permits the fixation of the beads on both sides of the bracelet.”

Mama Beads Tress Deal – free tress stopper – from R$490 to R$630 (roughly $130 – $167)

The Tress Deal is for those who like to innovate the bead’s combination. Buying one Flat Bangle and one Tress Stopper, you take another Tress Stopper for free, what allows you to complete the Stoppers Pair, what permits the fixation of the beads on both sides of the bracelet. The Tress Stopper design is exclusive from Mama Beads and values even more the combinations on the Flat Bangle. “

Mama Beads Flat Bangle retails for R$350 (roughly $93)

“The Flat Bangle is the perfect companion for your beads. Made of massive silver, it is a bracelet that can be worn with or without beads. A new highlight of the world’s bead market, it is the new favorite choice of the bead lovers. It is unique sized and it is malleable for adjustment in the wrist. When used with beads, it is necessary to combine with stoppers to fixate the beads in the bracelet.”

Mama Beads Tress Bangle retails for R$450 (roughly $120)

“The Tress Bangle is the highlight of Mama Beads. Made of massive silver, it is a bracelet that can be worn with or without beads and it has an exclusive tress pattern, one of the brand’s symbol. It is a worldwide market tendency because of the growing preference for stiff bracelets for bead use. It is unique sized and it is malleable for adjustment in the wrist. When used with beads, it is necessary to combine with stoppers to fixate the beads in the bracelet.”

Mama Beads Flat Choker retails for R$700 (roughly $186)

“The Flat Choker is synonym of elegance when we’re talking about beads. Made of massive silver, it is a choker that can be worn with or without beads. Your aesthetics is firm and is positioned on the neck firmly and enhances even more the beads, perfect for the giant beads like The Strength.  It is unique sized and it is malleable for adjustment in the neck . When used with beads, you can choose to combination with stoppers or not to fixate the beads in the choker.”

Mama Beads LE The Strength (100 pieces) retails for R$1200 (roughly $319)

“Mama is energy. Strength of those who create and dedicate with the eye closed in the name of the whole world. It is the one who holds tight, is the foundation, matriarch. And when she has her energy recycled by the wild call, it’s in the uterus and the ovaries that the feminine energy inflames. When we rescue our vivacity, we get in touch to what is the most primitive and natural of our essence: the power of facing the currents and affront what tries to silence us. The strength represents our natural woman strength, in balance with the fragility of who is not afraid of living her feelings and sensations in a intense mood.”

Mama Beads The Wisdom Path retails for R$1200 (roughly $319)

“The Wisdom Path tell us about naturalness. The journey we make in search of rescuing the flame and the heat of what truly moves it is related to patience and with the calm of listening the wild woman’s calling, so then, we can embrace what is ours and natural. In seek of letting clear that all of that is inside ourselves, the Wisdom Path brings the message really close to our ears: “hear the wild call” and “embrace what is from your nature” are craved one in each earring to remind us that everything is at the reach of our hands, we just need to take a deep breath and pay attention.”

Mama Beads The Night Triad retails for R$120 (roughly $30)

“In latin, Nox is the goddess that represents the night. In the Egypt, the night was called “mom”. It’s at night that we can find the moon and the rest, important moment to absorb everything that happened during the day. Joining the power and presence of the night with the natural symbol of the feminine (the inverted triangle), the Night Triad arises: three earrings that can be used separately but, when combined, form the three points of the night tress that refreshes and calms the energy of the day. Everything is balance.”

Over all, I think this is a nice collection. I have a few favorites and can’t wait to see them in person.

If any of this collection appeals to you and you would like to browse Mama Beads you may do so by visiting the banner link below.

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this new release? Is there anything that will be going on your wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤






12 responses to “Mama Beads La Loba Preview

  1. that pendant is eerie in that it is shaped like “female plumbing” ,don’t know if I would want to expalin it every time some one asked about it. I is very nice in the details

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    • It is very nicely detailed. If you wear it with the detailing out, I don’t think many would notice it was the females reproductive system. I personally didn’t realize until I saw it from the back. It is beautifully done.


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