Argo Studio Introduction and Winter Tale Review!

Today Beadsaholic brings an introduction to Argo Studios and a Review of Argo Winter Tale!

Today I would like to introduce a fairly new artistic brand Argo Studios from the Netherlands, owned and operated by Margo Dubovik. Each piece is designed, created and finished by Margo herself.  I find the beads I received to be of the highest quality, heavy with amazing attention to details.

Argo Studios Winter Tale is simply amazing! The attention to details in this bead is phenomenal, with each turn you will find something new. I have taken a lot of photos to show the detailing in this bead. At the top of the bead as it turns you will find clouds, and a crescent moon, center of the bead you will see beautiful snowflake detailing and hidden in the snowflakes you will find the detailing of a castle, bottom you will find what looks to be a cliff with beautiful ocean waves. This bead can be worn on a leather or chain bracelet, or on a necklace, it measures approximately 25.98 mm high (hole to hole) x 13.30 mm wide and weighs 18 grams with a matte finish. Winter Tale retails for €250, price does not include vat.

Here you can see the puffy clouds at the top, different snowflakes throughout the middle and as you can see the ocean at the bottom.

I adore the added touch of the crescent moon.

Here you see the shaded Castle partly in the dark and some parts showing in moonlight.

I also, wanted to show this bead laying down as you can see the ends better this way.

Winter Tale will fit on most leathers that have smooth ends. It will not fit on Pandora, Ohm Beads or a bangle. It will fit on most smooth end bracelets and leathers. Below is on the Lundd Denmark leather.

In this first composition I wanted to go with a wintery theme, after putting this together I released I need more snow themed beads! I’ve mixed Winter Tale with icy white and glitter Trollbeads glass, Trollbeads Pearls, Savoy Knots, Starry Night and finished it off with Redbalifrog’s Moonface lock.

I find that both sides of the Winter Tale are nice, so it doesn’t matter to me if it moves while wearing.

Personally, there is just so much to look at on this bead that I find simple compositions to be my favorite, like here with Trollbeads Pearls and Redbalifrog Snow Stoppers.

Here you can see it looks lovely on a Fantasy Necklace.

My son helped me in the design of this bracelet, and I wore it on one of our family nights out. Recently my son and I watched five seasons of the British show Merlin, and we fell in love! So, Merlin had to be the inspiration behind this composition. It needed to have a medieval magical theme. So, alongside Argo Winter Tale we went with Ohm Beads Dragon Skull, Dragon Blood, Luna, Purple Haze, Wands, Dirty Magic, Henhouse Velvet Duomo, Madonna, Ohm Beads Shroom Mushroom, Magic Frog, Swords, Je Maintiendrai, Lilac Rain, Aurora Together Forever and Ohm Stoney.

Wrist Shots!

For our night out, I wore the Merlin inspired bracelet stacked with the Argo Cooking Witch (review coming soon).

I do love wearing it both in a full bracelet and simply just on a leather.

Over all, if you are a fan of art then you will love Argo Studios as their beads are truly works of art. I am upmost impressed with this brand and think many of you will be as well. I look forward to seeing the visions of art this brand will release in the future.

If you would like to check out Argo Studios, you can browse their line at any of the following links. All offer vat free shopping for those outside of Europe, vat free prices are shown once signed in and at checkout.

Authorized Featured Retailers

Argo Studios – ships from The Netherlands

Perlen – Ships from Denmark

Star Bijou – ships from Germany

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on Argo Studios? Do you own Winter Tale or any other beads from this brand? Have any on your wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤








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