Niwabeads The Emperor Totem Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Niwabeads The Emperor Totem.

Niwabeads is an uprising star in the bead world and is becoming renowned for their lock beads, but today we are taking a look at a totally different style of bead. This bead is truly a work of art!

The word totem is derived from the language Ojibwe used by indigenous people of North America; however, beliefs in tutelary spirits and deities use of totems is not limited to North American indigenous people, but are common in many cultures around the world, though not always known as a totem. A totem is a spirit being, symbol or sacred object that is an emblem of a group of people such as family, clan, lineage or tribe.

Niwabeads The Emperor Totem includes four gods on each side God of the ocean, God of earth, God of fire and God of wind. Each symbol is for protection. The totem is made of sterling silver, 18k gold and includes four genuine stones sapphire, emerald, ruby and topaz. This bead measures approximately 18.07 mm high x 31.56 mm wide from hole to hole and weighs a whopping 45 grams! This bead works nicely on a fantasy style necklace sitting upright, but would also look nice on a leather necklace. Though it’s a heavy piece of art, I do like wearing it on a bracelet. It will not fit on a bangle unless you use a bangle that can be manipulated and then bent back into shape; however, I must warn that this can cause wear on softer bangles and could eventually break. It will fit on Trollbeads Bracelets, leathers and necklaces, Ohm regular and chunky bracelets, Pandora bracelets and leathers, Redbalifrog bracelets (does not fit the leather), Bella Fascini Bracelets, and should fit similar universal brands. The Emperor Totem retails for €399, price includes vat. Each piece comes in a handmade wooden log box with a hinged top that slides out, inside you will find an engraved sliced log with your beads number on one side and the Niwa logo on the other. This bead is limited to only thirty-three (33) beads total.

I really love the thought that went into the packaging and the fact that Niwa hand-made each box themselves.

Ruby – God of the Fire

Sapphire – God of the Ocean

Notice what looks to be alligators or crocodiles above the sapphire? I also love the headdress on the god at the bottom.

Topaz – God of the Wind

Emerald – God of the Earth

Really love the snake design used on this side. The detailing on each side is simply amazing.

In the following photographs I have placed The Emperor Totem on a trollbeads Fantasy Necklace. I really wish I had the Emerald fantasy necklace as I think it would be the perfect match. I need to figure out what I did with my onyx fantasy necklace as I think it would work better than my peacock.

Works perfectly on a Trollbeads bracelet plain with spacers to keep it in place or on a bracelet full of beads.

Here I tried to go with a spiritual theme using Trollbeads Stones, glass, silver leopard, some old retired silvers, Aurora Celtic glass and silver designs, Redbalifrog snake, Ohm Beads Precious and Soul Warrior.

I absolutely love the fact The Emperor Totem fits on the Pandora Leather!

Wrist Shot!

Totem worn on the Pandora Leather.

Over all, this is such a beautiful work of art and a statement piece! It’s also a great price considering weight, precious stones and 18 kt gold. It takes Niwabeads approximately a week to hand-make just one bead.

With limited-quantities these are selling rather fast, so be quick if you would like this bead. It is available at Star Bijou and directly from Niwabeads at the following links.

Authorized Niwabeads Retailers

Niwabeads Facebook – Ships from Germany

Star Bijou – Ships from Germany

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on Niwabeads The Emperor Totem? Leave me a comment below ❤








8 responses to “Niwabeads The Emperor Totem Review

  1. Absolutely brilliant bead! I purchased one today and am looking forward to pairing it with some long retired TB. I’m crediting your superb review as the rationale behind my purchase! Thanks for such a compelling write-up and equally compelling photos!

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  2. I decided to bite the bullet! It’s an amazing bead (thanks for such a detailed review), and I know I’d have regretted not getting it. That’s the bead budget gone for a while!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. No regrets ☺️ I think you will love this bead and with the weight, gems and gold it’s well worth the price. I’d love to hear what you think of the bead once you receive it! ♥️


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