Celtic Creations Scream Inspired – Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Celtic Creations Scream inspired bead!

Celtic Creations introduced the first design in their Inspired by Art collection, Scream Inspired and if you already have the Lundd Denmark The Scream silver, then this glass is the perfect bead to complement the scream as it is the colors from the painting and matches the enamel on the back of the silver, perfectly.

Celtic Creation Scream Inspired is beautiful with half the bead having different shades of orange and the other half blues. This is a standard size glass bead with a solid core. Celtic Creations have universal cores and fits most brands. Scream Inspired retails for €30, each.

I really love wearing art inspired beads on the Trollbeads Art to Go bracelet which includes the paint lock and paint brush silver. I personally love creating compositions inspired by art.

Lundd Denmark The Scream can be purchased at Lundd Denmark, Pianeta Beads and Perlen.

Trollbeads Art to Go can be purchased at Trollbeads, Trollbeads Gallery, Swiss Flower & Gift, Beads Fanatic and Star Bijou.

Over all, I think the Celtic Creations Scream Inspired glass are perfect to frame the Lundd Denmark The Scream bead and perfect in a summer themed bracelet.

If you would like to add these beads to your collection or just browse the Celtic Creations line, you may do so at the banner link below.

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on Celtic Creations Scream Inspired glass? Leave me a comment below ❤








2 responses to “Celtic Creations Scream Inspired – Review

  1. This is just a perfect combination! A great start for a “scream” bracelet in total or an “arts” related bracelet for the ones who want to wear full bracelets…

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