Celtic Creations Dragon Collection Preview

Today Beadaholic brings a preview of Celtic Creations Dragon Collection.

Today is the debut of Celtic Creations Dragon Collection consisting of five new designs Dragon Eggs, Dragon Treasure, Dragon Scales – Viserion, Dragon Scales – Shenron, and Dragon Scales – Flakor. Each bead in this series retails for €30 and are available today!

“Regal, protective, rare and sometimes deadly. The skin of the dragon is akin to human finger prints, individual and unique.”

Dragon Eggs

Dragon Treasure 

Photographs courtesy of Celtic Creations.

Dragon Scales – Viserion

Dragon Scales – Shenron

Dragon Scales – Falkor

Over all, I think this collection will be quite popular among the dragon lovers and I cannot wait to try these with some of my dragon beads. So, be sure to check back for a review of some of these beads soon!

If you would like to browse the Celtic Collection, then you may do so by clicking the banner link below.

As always, I would love to know your thoughts on this release? How would you use these beads? Leave me a comment below ❤









4 responses to “Celtic Creations Dragon Collection Preview

    • Both? 😊 that’s a hard decision. I love Matte finished beads as they had so much texture to a bracelet, but I also like the brightness of a glossy bead. So I say get two of each lol. What type of composition are you thinking of using them in?


      • Hmm, decisions decisions.
        Two of each…! Unfortunately my bead budget won’t spread that far. I was thinking of wearing them with some TrueBeadz Shadow glass beads that I have along with some focal silvers. But I keep changing my mind 😅

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