Ohm Beads March 2019 Release Previews

Today Beadsaholic brings a preview of the upcoming releases in March from Ohm Beads.

Today is preview day and Ohm Beads is releasing quite a few new beads in the month of March. I’m excited for several of the new designs coming out on March 1st, 2019. I am trying something new this time as I’m including the full release in one article, so everything is in one place. Store exclusive, however will have their own article. All beads in this article are available today for pre-orders at participating shops.

Ohm Beads Holey Bunny is the 46th bead of the month and is limited to seven-hundred and eighty-nine (789) pieces. Holey Bunny retails for $70/€73

“Tattered and torn from a lifetime of love and loss we will continue to exist for as long as we are able. Remind yourself every day that love is a process of trial and error with Holey Bunny. Full of patches, stitched up rips, and plenty of holes this rabbit keeps providing love no matter their condition. Love can overcome every scar. Can you?”

Now comes the second release in the Ohm Beads Beasties Collection by Gus Fink. All seen here together is the first release and second release.

Ohm Beads Beasties will be limited-edition and will be limited to five-hundred (500) pieces each. Like before these will come in special packaging, a special glass with cork display and will be sold individually, no blind bags this time around. Beasties will retail for $55/€57

Howie: Leader of the Beasties. Howie is the one who runs everything, making sure the beasties continue on helping as many as they can.  Being a great leader of the Beasties isn’t easy, Howie must be their voice of reason. Motivating the Beasties to go out and enjoy their mission ‘To bring joy to others.’ He heavily relies on Qwiver to assist him and Fred to pick up his slack when he’s overwhelmed. Whenever you feel overwhelmed Howie is there to calm you with a smile.”

Fred: Jester of tunes.  Fred can put you in a great mood just by humming a beat or singing a silly song.  Fred is Howie’s brother and never tries to step in Howie’s way of being the leader. His main objective is to get Howie smiling when he’s too stressed out. Fred is a master of making silly noises that can lighten any situation that seems to be too serious. So, if you’re looking for a fresh giggle to the beat of a jester’s drum just hold onto Fred!”

Qwiver: The elegant intelligent Beastie. Qwiver can see the light in any situation. Sometimes there are dark periods in the lives of a Beastie, but Qwiver always knows it’s just temporary and to find the good in any situation.  She’s not only the smartest Beastie but also the toughest.  Using her mind powers, she’s able to levitate and heal pain. Next time you’re feeling down and looking for the good ,Hold onto Qwiver to get you through!”

Ohm Beasties packaging.

Ohm Beads Sumo OG is the latest Gnome to join the collection. This bead will be part of the regular collection and is not limited. Sumo OG will retail for $60/€62

“Do you have a hobby? Every OHM Gnome needs a hobby. We know they like to travel, garden, and occasionally moon people; but do they play any gnome sports? We at OHM are privileged to have unlimited access to the private lives of fairies, elves, and gnomes, and we can accurately report that gnomes are obsessed with sumo wrestling!

We kid you not. Indeed, they have the perfect bodies for it: short, stout, and tough as knotted wood. Everywhere you go in a gnome village, you’ll see two rotund and bearded little gnomes stripping down — stomping and snarling until their faces and bodies are bright pink — then, rushing smack into each other and bumping bellies until one or the other is bounces away.

Young gnomes have their wrestling heroes and hope someday to turn pro themselves, to bang bellies in the big arena.”

All photographs are courtesy of Ohm Beads!

Ohm Beads Slim Collection is a set of five thin barrel shape glass. Note, that these beads are the same height as regulars Ohm glass barrel; however, they are slimmer than standard Ohm Barrels. Each bead retails for $35/€36

Ohm Beads Sage

Ohm Beads Sour

Ohm Beads Mist

Ohm Beads Ape

Ohm Beads Pez

Over all, I’m looking forward to this release! I bought the first three Beasties released last year and I’m excited to be adding more to my collection. The Bunny is a must have and I’m looking forward to some of the glass in this release.

If you would like to pre-order any of the items from this release you may do so at any of the following shops. All offer vat free shopping for those who reside outside of Europe.

Featured Ohm Beads Retailers

(Alphabetical order)

Beads Fanatic – Ships Globally from Spain

Edone – Ships Globally from Italy

Perlen – Ships Globally from Denmark

Pianeta Beads – Ships Globally from Italy

Star Bijou – Ships Globally from Germany

I always love hearing from you all and I would love to know which beads from this release speak to you? Will you be pre-ordering any of these designs? Leave me a comment below ❤







One response to “Ohm Beads March 2019 Release Previews

  1. Is de holey bunny nog te koop bij jullie. Kan hem nergens meer vinden. Zie graag een reaktie tegemoet
    Alvast bedankt Cathelijn


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