Argo Studios Space Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Argo Studios Space Collection!

In celebration of International Space Day Argo Studios is releasing a fantastic Space Collection that consist of three new beads Sputnik, Solar System and Astronaut! This new collection is perfect for those of us who love space and maybe dreams of one day being among the stars in the sky.

International Space Day is the annual celebration on April 12 of Yuri Gagarin and his crew which were the first human space flight into space.

Argo Studios Solar System can be used in so many ways, you can use this beautiful piece as a pendant, as a splitter on a fantasy necklace, on one or two bracelet or on a bangle. Please note, that this bead does not fit all bangles and takes a little work to get it on. Solar System measures approximately 7.77 mm high x 22.74 mm wide and retails for €181.57, price includes vat.

Argo Studios Astronaut is a fantastic detailed bead perfect to mark the first space flight. Astronaut measures approximately 14.75 mm high x 7.20 mm wide and retails for €65, price includes vat.

Of course, Argo’s Astronaut needed to explore Ohm Big Luna! I wonder if he found any cool moon rocks while there?

I couldn’t help myself, but to filter just one photo! Too much fun.

Argo Studios Sputnik resembles the world’s first artificial satellite and is the perfect addition to any space themed bracelet. Sputnik measures approximately 10.95 mm high x 10.35 mm and retails for €90.72, price includes vat.

It is so much fun to wear the Solar System as a connector for two bracelets. Whether I’m wearing just the space beads or I’m wearing both side full like below. Here I went with the Argo Solar System, Astronaut, Sputnik, Trollbeads Moon Stone and spacers, Sticks & Stones Gray Hematite, Gray Matte Hematite, Sodalite Coins and Amazonite Matte Wheels, Ohm Beads Crescent, Quarter and Gibbous Luna.

Sticks & Stones go perfect with Argo Studios and can be purchased here.

Here shows the Argo Solar System on one bracelet alongside the Sputnik, Astronaut, Trollbeads Spacers, Ohm Luna and Gibbous Luna with the beautiful Galaxy beads from Aqua Handmade & Gifts and this beautiful bracelet is completed with Redbalifrog Star Lock.

Aqua Handmade & Gift Galaxy Beads can be found here.

Of course, all are beautiful on the Argo Earth Bangle. Seen here Sticks & Stones Gray Matte Hematite, Amazonite Matte Wheels, Ohm Luna, Argo Sputnik and Astronaut.

Wrist Shots!

Over all, I truly love Argo Studios, the details and weight are fantastic. If you love space themes, then these beads would be the perfect additions to your collection.

Also, I wanted to note those hoping to buy in the USA may be able to as soon as the end of March, first of April at Swiss Flower & Gifts! Be sure to stop by their Facebook page to let them know which beads you would like to see in stock!

If you would like to buy or browse Argo Studios you may do so at any of the following featured links!

Authorized Featured Retailers

Argo Studios – ships from The Netherlands

Perlen – Ships from Denmark

Star Bijou – ships from Germany

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on the Argo Space Collection? Will any of these be on your wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤








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