Mama Beads La Loba Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Mama Beads first collection La Loba!

Mama Beads released their first collection La Loba in January and I now have them here for a review. Preview can be seen here. La Loba designs are inspired by the book “Women Who Run with Wolves” by Dr. Clarissa Esté.

Mama Beads The One Who Knows is the design of an older woman with her hands above her head as if she is in the middle of her magical ceremony. This bead measures approximately 15.75 mm high x 13.86 wide and weighs 7.1 grams. The One Who Knows retails for $55

Mama Beads Bone Bag if a bucket style bead with bones sticking out the top. This is the bag La Loba uses to collect the bones of passed wolves. This bead measures approximately 12.32 mm high x 11.28 mm wide and weighs 4.4 grams. Bone Bag retails for $45

Mama Beads She Wolf is simply stunning! This is the best wolf bead I’ve seen, and I love it. The details are amazing, and I love the way it sits on a bangle or bracelet. This bead measures approximately 19.09 mm high x 29.61 mm wide and weighs 5.6 grams. She Wolf retails for $60.

Mama Beads Flat Bangle is a smooth bangle that is slightly malleable for size adjustment. This bangle’s inner diameter is 47 mm high x 64 mm wide and weighs 11.4 grams. Flat Bangle retails for $87.50.

Mama Beads Mega Tress Stopper is a nice size textured stopper that fits nicely on the Flat Bangle or on Trollbeads and other European style brand bangles. This stopper measures approximately 11.95 mm high x 6.82 mm wide and weighs 3.9 grams. Mega Tress Stopper retails for $35.

Mama Beads Flat Stopper is a shiny plain stopper that is perfect to keep any composition in place on your bangle. This stopper measures approximately 11.17 mm high x 5.57 mm wide and weighs 3.1 grams. Flat Stopper retails for $27.50.

Mama Beads have universal cores and will fit most branded bracelets and bangles. In this first composition I have mixed the three Mama Beads The One Who Knows, Bone Bag, She Wolf and Mega Tress Stoppers with True Beadz True Desert, Trollbeads Labradorite, Harvest, and Marble. I’m including a few up-close shots of this bracelet.

Here I went with the Mama Beads La Loba collection with Trollbeads Brown/Yellow Chalcedony and Cat’s Eye Quartz on the Mama Beads Flat Bangle.

I changed up the glass for Trollbeads Festival and Yellow Twinkle.

Of course, this is my favorite. I adore the She Wolf, and she looks beautiful with these Trollbeads Labradorite.

Here I mixed True Beadz True Fire Breath to represent the fire that she places the bones in to bring the wolf back to life.

Over all, this is a beautiful collection inspired by a truly magical story. I personally love themed beads that tell a story, and these empower woman! All three beads will work in different compositions.

If you would like to browse the Mama Beads line you may do so at the following link.

Mama BeadsShips from Brazil

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this new brand? Any must have or any that will go on your wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤






3 responses to “Mama Beads La Loba Review

  1. I love the beads very much as well, especially the old woman. But it was quite expensive to have them shipped to Germany. I had to pay import VAT and tax, so it was about plus the value of two beads or even more. Hopefully they will find a European retailer, as I like their jewellery a lot. And I sympathize with “The Strength”, but it´s quite expensive and all the import VAT and tax….

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    • So sorry to hear you had all the import and taxes. Mama Beads is diligently looking for a retailer both in Europe and USA, hope this is an option for you and others soon.


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