Chronicles Introduction and Review

Today Beadsaholic brings an introduction to Chronicles Amber!

Chronicles is a family owned Ukrainian Jeweler who produces beautiful beads and jewelry made of genuine Amber. They have ambers in all shapes and sizes and a few unique designs like their inner carved amber which they are the first to produce.

Chronicles White Rose Flower with gold painting carvings along the sides of the rose. I cannot stress how stunning this bead truly is. I’d love a bracelet full of carved beads in this color. With ambers sizes and color can be different; however, this bead measures approximately 13.97 mm high x 11.74 mm wide. Prices vary.

Below I’ve taken a photo in the dark with the amber on a light to help show the details a little more.

Chronicles Rose is an inner carved rose inside beautiful golden amber. This will show how the carvings look in different shades of amber. I really love this technology and how well the carvings show up. Sizes, color and prices vary from amber to amber; however, this amber measures approximately 13.09 mm high x 12.84 mm wide.

Again, here in the dark with light to show the details.

Chronicles Teddy Bear is such a cute little fella who I imagine loves honey. Unlike the two carved beads above, this bead’s carving is on the outside of the bead. This bead measures approximately 14.56 mm high x 11.34 mm wide, sizes, color and prices vary.

How cute is this Teddy Bear in the dark with light shining through?

Every bear needs his honey!

Chronicles Natural White Amber with a ring around the middle is simply stunning! This is the first time I’ve seen amber beads quite like this and I love the design. It makes a great focal. This bead measures approximately 12.79 mm high x 16.07 mm wide, sizes, color and prices vary.

Chronicles Royal Amber with silver ring is a truly beautiful design. The twisted silver part of the ring moves making this bead even more unique. This bead measures approximately 12.28 mm high x 20.27 mm wide, sizes, color and prices vary.

Chronicles also create smooth ambers in many shapes, colors and sizes. Each Amber bead has a two-piece core to allow more light to shine through each work of art. All beads are universal and will fit standard European bracelet systems.

This amber color and texture are amazing! I love it mixed with the white carved ambers.

I’m including an indoor video of the ambers featured here in this article.

Now for some compositions with these amazing ambers. I have had a lot of fun playing and mixing Chronicles Amber with other brands.

In this composition I went with the two Chronicles Roses with Redbalifrog Bee Goddess and Frangipani stoppers.

I really love these three Chronicles Amber with Ohm Live Free and Redbalifrog Cherry Tree Blossom

Chronicles White Rose between two beautiful Redbalifrog Roses.

This beautiful Chronicles focal is perfect in any composition. I have it here with the Redbalifrog retired Frangipani and Fairy Goddess Ayu.

Chronicles Amber with Redbalifrog Bee Goddess and Bee Queen.

I really love the Chronicles Amber with Redbalifrog Australian Gum Leaves and Frangipani Stoppers.

Chronicles Amber with the beautiful Snowdrops from Argo Studios.

The Chronicles Teddy Bear is a lot of fun mixing with honey themed beads, below is the Redbalifrog Honey Pot, Ohm Beads Please Survive and Live Free.

I don’t know what it is about Ambers other than maybe the color of some, but I love them in bee themes.

Of course, all the Chronicles Amber go well together and with a mixture of silvers.

How cute is this honey bear theme?

The Chronicles white rose is such a romantic bead and here I have placed it on a Rose-Gold Pandora Bangle with Niwa Beads Locks and Keys.

This beautiful composition lays upon the words of Oscar Wilde.

Wrist Shot!

Over all, I’m totally in love with the inner carved beads. I’d love a bracelet full of the white/light ambers. These ambers are fun and can be used in so many different compositions.

If you would like to browse Chronicles Ambers then you may do so at the following links. Also, these beautiful beads will be available soon here in the USA at Swiss Flower & Gifts!

Chronicles Authorized Featured Retailers 

Chronicles Amber – Ships from the Ukraine

Beads Fanatic – Ships from Spain

Perlen – Ships from Denmark

Pianeta Beads – Ships from Italy

Swiss Flower & Gifts – Coming Soon!

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on these beautiful ambers from Chronicles? What would you like to see engraved inside? Leave me a comment below ❤









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  1. Many thanks for showing the detail of the carved amber, I’m realising that a lot of the pics on websites, don’t do these beads justice!

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