Sticks and Stones Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of a few stones from Stick and Stones!

In the last few weeks I received a few Sticks and Stones and I must say I am very impressed! The stones are rather unique in design, some have unique facets, and some are matte finish which really add to the design and a bracelet. Stones have been collected throughout history and many have found wearing stones beneficial. Many of our ancestors used stones to promote health and calmness. Whether you believe in the energies of stones or not, I think you all will agree there is such natural beauty in wearing nature’s art!

Sticks and Stones Hematite Silver Grey Matte is rather versatile, and the matte adds such beautiful texture to any composition. This stone comes in a variety of colors in matte finish. Hematite Silver Grey in Matte average size is 14 mm high x 7 mm wide and retails for $20.

Sticks and Stones Silver Grey Glossy is a beautiful reflective silver stone and as you can see there is a dramatic difference between the gloss and matte and they work great together. This bead comes in a variety of colors. Hematite Silver Grey in Glossy average size is 14 mm high x 7 mm wide and retails for $20.

Below you will find an indoor and then an outdoor photo showing these stones in different lighting.

Hematite has been known throughout history to be effective in healing. Magnetic hematite has been known to help with pain, as well as blood pressure and blood flow issues. It also represents the Root Chakra which aids in balance and is known as a stress stone to help keep you calm and protect you from negativity.

Hematite – Indoor

Hematite – Outdoor

Sticks and Stones Moonstone Faceted Wheel is a beautiful natural looking stone that I think would be fantastic in many different compositions, I really need to get a second to balance out each other and you may find that you love this one in a pair as well. Colors in this bead range from white, grey and a hint of beige. You will find that some have a beautiful white flash. This stone average size is 14.5 mm high x 8 mm wide with flat surface facets. Moonstone Faceted Wheel retails for $25.

Moonstone are a balancing stone which is known to help its wearer feel calm and relaxed, helps balance hormones. Moonstone is the stone of the Mother Moon which is thought to be beneficial especially for women. They are thought to enhance intuition, offer protection and aid in matters of the heart.

Sticks and Stones Amazonite Wheel Matte is such a stunning unique stone. I adore the pastel shades of aqua and the matte finish really adds to this stone. You will find that this stone comes in a variety of shades turquoise-green and measures an average of 16.5 mm high x 6-7 mm wide. Amazonite Wheels Matte retails for $25.

Amazonite Matte – Indoor

Amazonite is the stone of courage and truth. Thought to help calm emotions and help one think clearly and share their true feeling and thoughts. Aids in dispelling negative energies, brings prosperity, and is a good luck stone.

Amazonite Matte – Outdoor

Sticks and Stones Russian Amazonite is a stunning aqua-turquoise color with unique facets that gives this bead an interesting texture and shape. Color works well for spring and summer compositions. The average size is about 14 mm high x 8 mm wide and retails for $25.

Russian Amazonite – Indoors

Russian Amzonite – Outdoors

Sticks and Stones Sodalite Coin is such a beautiful stone in shades of blue. Being thinner like a coin will allow you to add a bit more texture and color into your composition and I find them useful on bangles as they allow more room for other beads while adding a splash of color. Sodalite Coin average size is approximately 14 mm high x 6 mm wide and retails for $20.

Sodalite Coin – Indoor

Sodalite is considered the Logic Stone and helps with stabilizing emotions and aids in clear thinking. Especially beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks or those with phobias. Helps boost intuition, deep thought, and calmness.

Sodalite – outdoors

Sticks and Stones Chrysoprase is a beautiful green stone with nice organic markings and is beautifully faceted. Perfect for spring! This stone measures an average of 14 mm high x 9.5 mm wide and retails for $30.

Chrysoprase – Indoor

Chrysoprase is the stone of joy, happiness and hope. It is thought that this stone helps promote positive optimistic outlook. This stone brings forth prosperity and good fortune.

Chrysoprase – Outdoor

I’m also including a video of the stones in natural outdoor lighting. It’s evening and basically cloudy, but with indoor and outdoor photos along with this video it should give you an idea of how these stones look in different lighting.

I thought the moonstone and matte hematite would be perfect in a space theme and goes rather well with Ohm Beads UFO, Luna, Redbalifrog Star Stoppers on a Trollbeads Twisted bangle.

Sticks and Stones Sodalite and Hematite goes really well with Trollbeads Wisdom, seen here is also Trollbeads Three Flowers, and Trinity on a Trollbeads Twisted bangles with Redbalifrog Star Stoppers.

The Matte Amazonite Wheels are my favorite. I love the matte finish and what they bring to a composition. Here I’ve used the Sticks and Stones Matte Amazonite Wheels, Amazonite faceted, and Chrysoprase, Along with Trollbeads Daisy, Apple Blossoms and Redbalifrog Frangipani Stoppers on a Trollbeads Twisted Bangle.

The Sticks and Stones Hematite go really well with the Ohm Beads Stony and Rawr Glass seen here in this magical composition with Ohm Beads My Precious Skat too, Magic Frog, Dirty Magic, and Luna on a Trollbeads Foxtail bracelet with the Savoy Knot Lock.

Wrist Shots! 

Over all, I find the craftsmanship of these stones to be fabulous! They fit all major brand carriers and work well in compositions with other brands. So, all in all these are some great stones at a fraction of the cost.

If you would like to browse these fantastic stones then you may do so by visiting Sticks and Stones website here.

I hope you all have enjoyed this article on stones by Sticks and Stones and I would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts on these stones? Do you have any Sticks and Stones in your collection? What is your favorite stone? Leave me a comment below ❤








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  1. I love the look of their rainbow hematite and hexagon-shaped beads 😀 They have some beautiful carnelian beads with patterns in them, too!

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