Redbalifrog Tree House Europe Exclusive Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of a new release from Redbalifrog.

Today Redbalifrog announced a new Europe Exclusive Tree House! This beautiful bead has a house built in a tree with a wooden ladder up the side of the trunk of the tree. I am truly looking forward to this bead, as a kid my cousins and I played in a similar type of tree house and I loved the time we spent together and the memories.

Redbalifrog Tree House retails for €41 / £36 / DKK 305

All photographs are courtesy of Redbalifrog Europe.

Over all, this is sure to bring many back to their childhood memories! Perfect addition to a summer or family bracelet.

If you would like to browse the Redbalifrog line and European exclusives you may do so at Redbalifrog Europe <Click here.

If you would like to order this bead, it is available today at the following Featured retailer links.

Authorized Featured Redbalifrog Retailers

Beads Fanaticships from Spain

Edoneships from Italy

Perlen – ships from Denmark

Pianeta Beads – ships from Italy

Star Bijou – ships from Germany

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on the Redbalifrog Tree House, so leave me a comment below ❤






3 responses to “Redbalifrog Tree House Europe Exclusive Preview

  1. Just wanted to say that for people in Europe, especially the U.K., Perlen is a great stockist to purchase this & any other RBF beads.
    Why not check out all the other brands they stock & grab yourself a 10% discount on your first order while you’re there! 😉

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