People’s Bead 2019 Voting has Started!

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of the 2019 People’s Bead!

Submission for Trollbeads People’s Bead 2019 has now ended and voting  is well on it’s way! So, I thought today I’d feature one of my favorite designers, Patty Jansen who has entered each year and always has fascinating works of art. This year she has submitted fifteen fabulous designs! You have until April 15th, 2019 to get your votes in round one.


“I love to go hiking and a couple of years ago I was surprised by an avalanche. Seeing this from so nearby is scary and impressive at the same time.

I got inspired by what I saw and designed an abstract version of this phenomenon : the cone stands for the mountain, the balls from small to big represent the avalanche.”


“Sometimes the most real things in the world are the things that we can’t see”. These words come from the “The Polar Express” which is my favorite Christmas movie. The little boy is doubting if Santa exists, he is invited for a journey with the Polar Express and gets a bell from Santa’s sleigh. But the words of the conductor are so true and I decided to make the bell, because sometimes we all need a reminder to believe in things we can’t see.”


“I got inspired to design this bead after a visit to the house of Jules Vernes in Nantes (France), who was a novelist. He wrote most of the time about adventurous journeys with new techniques for the 19th century to the center of the earth, the moon and the deep sea.  In “Twenty Thousand Leages under the Sea” he describes a monster also well known as “Kraken”, a giant size octopus from Scandinavian folklore. The “Kraken” dwells in the Scandinavian waters and terrorizes sailors nearby.”


“I designed this bead inspired by typical Dutch, colorful fabric with flowers from Oilily which I already loved when I was a little girl. I had trousers with wide legs and ruffles, in a certain way it looked a little “gypsy”. I still have bags from them and the colors and flower-patterns always make me happy and smile.”


“A song written by John Lennon in 1971 and which we all know… is about world peace. These days world peace seems so far away with terror attacks, racism and hate everywhere around us. After the attack at Bataclan in Paris (France), a man appeared with a piano and started to play this song and disappeared again. It was all over the news, but I hope it will remind us that this world is from all of us and we should live together in peace.”


“As soon as a volcano erupts, lava is destroying everything in the surroundings. But at the same time lava can also create new land, like the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific. After several centuries of weathering, cooled lava is very fertile and can therefore be used as agricultural land.

As a child I was very interested in geology and I have seen several volcanoes in my life : Mount Rainier and Mount Saint Helen (WA., U.S.A.) and the Puy Mary (France).”



“When I go to the Pyrenees (France) for hiking, I am often surprised to see llamas here walking around in the mountain meadows. It made me think of South-America where you often see llamas with traditional decorations as pompoms and blankets and which are used as beast of burden. I got inspired to design a bead of this favorite animal.”


“A typical French cookie which is made of two almond meringue-cookies with a soft filling of ganache or jam. The macaroon is available in many colors and flavors.

I  designed different glass beads of a French macaroon which represent the different flavors and colors. I love to go to the famous patisseries in Paris (France) and treat myself to this delicacy. “


“Flamingos are such elegant birds which we often link to exotic destinations with white beaches, turquoise sea and palm trees. Their feathers have different rich colors, the colors depend of their specie and of what they eat. Flamingos are favorite animals and you see them all around us in home decoration, toys, etc. 

I saw flamingos in the wild in the Camargue (France) and they inspired me to design this bead.”



“I dream about : Peace for everyone in the world. The olive branch is the international symbol of peace. The olive branch stands for peace, reconciliation and hope. The olive tree grows slowly and needs rest. So there where you see many olive trees, there must be peace for a long time.”


“I got inspired by the French folk song from the 18th century “Au clair de la Lune” which is about a little Pierrot. These days the song is well known as a lullaby for little children. Its simple melody is commonly taught to beginners learning to play an instrument.”


“As a mythological creature of the Scandinavian folklore, I think Trollbeads need a gnome in their collection. The gnome is associated with the winter solstice and Christmas season. He lives in the houses and barns of the farmstead, and secretly act as their guardian. If treated well, they protect the family and animals from evil and misfortune, and may also aid the chores and farm work. However, they are known to be short tempered, especially when offended. Once insulted, they will usually play tricks, steal items and even maim or kill livestock.

I crochet many Scandinavian gnomes before the holiday season starts and have sent the to friends all over the world who love them so much. So I thought this bead would be loved as well which is a silver version of my crocheted gnome.”


“During the summer I often see sunflower fields with nothing else than sunflowers for miles and miles. They are always facing the sun, like they want to catch every sunbeam they can get. The sunny color of the flower makes me always happy and smile.”


“When I go hiking in the mountains I often come across piles of stones created by people. These piles of stones are called ‘cairns’ and are trail-markers.

So, I decided to make this bead, which symbolizes a path between two cairns. I think we all need or wish for trail-markers on our path of life sometimes.”


“During the summer I often see golden fields with wheat for miles and miles. Between the wheat you can sometimes spot blue cornflowers. This flower is now endangered in its native habitat by agricultural intensification, particularly over-use of herbicides, destroying its habitat. It is now naturalized in many other parts of the world through introduction as an ornamental plant in gardens and a seed contaminant in crop seeds.

I decided to design this Wheat Field Bouquet-bead as a souvenir from a walk through the wheat-fields for all of us.”

Over all, I see several designs here I’d love to have and look forward to looking through all the designs submitted this year. If you would like to vote on this year’s Trollbeads People’s Beads < Click here.

Have you voted yet? Do you have a favorite design? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment below ❤





12 responses to “People’s Bead 2019 Voting has Started!

  1. Thank you sooooo much for this beautiful blog post. All I can say is that I follow my heart when I design and put love in each of my designs.

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  2. Patty’s designs are always amazing!! I go through the horribly long and tedious voting process because I want to see at least one of her designs win.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. There are some wonderful beads to choose from. I just don’t like the format. I’ve spent over 2 hours on the site and still haven’t been able to vote on the above sunflower one. Plus, sometimes I don’t like either bead, yet I have to choose one – meaning that the bead that I love gets the same vote as a bead that just isn’t for me…. I might go back and keep voting. I really love the Summer Song and Wheat Field bouquet beads….

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  4. I would love to vote, but the system requires me to vote for at least one of two designs appearing, even though I do not like either one of them. I cannot proceed to the next set of two without voting. This process requires votes for those some of us do not like at all, and thereby gives winning votes to those that are not so appealing, leaving out the ones I would like to get to. I wish Trollbeads would go back to an earlier system which allowed votes only for the ones a person liked.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the compliments about the pierrot I have designed. To be honest I have no idea which of my designs is a favorit, because I have had so many messages and everybody seems to love something else. I can only cross fingers and hope I will reach the finals.


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