Easter Featuring Celtic Creations, Redbalifrog, and Ohm Beads

Today Beadsaholic is celebrating Easter with some Celtic Creations, Redbalifrog and Ohm Beads inspiration!

Easter is only a few days away and I’ve had so much fun creating Easter compositions using Celtic Creations, Redbalifrog and Ohm Beads. I’ll be wearing these beads for this weekend’s Easter Egg hunt!

Celtic Creations Pudsey Inspired glass has a white base with polka dot red, green, yellow and blue. Perfect to wear with Pudsey or in an Easter composition. Average size is 14 mm x 8 mm and retails for $23.35.

Celtic Creations Pudsey Inspired with stripes in red, yellow, blue and turquoise on clear with a white base.  Average size is 14 mm x 8 mm and retails for $23.35.

Redbalifrog Easter Bunny Eggs, Russian Egg and Ohm Beads Fabergé Egg.

Redbalifrog Moon Gazing Rabbit perfect for any Easter or nature composition!

Ohm Beads Holey Bunny is super cute and reminds me of a worn-out antique bunny.

This composition consists of Celtic Creations, Redbalifrog Turquoise, Cherry Tree Blossom, Russian Egg, Easter Bunny Egg, Moon Gazing Rabbit, Ohm Beads Cherry Blossom, Holey Bunny and Fabergé Egg.

I adore this bangle with Celtic Creations glass and Ohm Beads Holey Bunny, Fabergé Egg and Love Whirls on a Trollbeads Twisted bangle with Redbalifrog Bubble Stoppers.

Wrist Shot!

‘Over all, I’m ready for Easter and am having fun with these beads. The Celtic Creations are perfect for so many different compositions, but I really love them with the Redbalifrog and Ohm Beads Easter themed beads.

If would like to shop for any of these beads you may do so at the following links. Please note that Ohm Beads Holey Bunny and Fabergē Egg are sold-out.

Celtic Creations – Ships from Ireland

Featured Ohm Beads Retailers

(Alphabetical order)

Beads Fanatic – Ships Globally from Spain

Edone – Ships Globally from Italy

Perlen – Ships Globally from Denmark

Pianeta Beads – Ships Globally from Italy

Star Bijou – Ships Globally from Germany

Redbalifrog Authorized Retailers

Retailers in the USA

Redbalifrog USA

Uptown Shop

Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage 

Retailers in Europe 

Beads Fanatic 



Pianeta Beads 

Star Bijou

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would like to know your plans for Easter? Will you be doing something fun? Making a bracelet to wear for the weekend? Have a favorite Easter bead? Leave me a comment below ❤





4 responses to “Easter Featuring Celtic Creations, Redbalifrog, and Ohm Beads

  1. Your creations are so inspired! I really like the Russian Egg and Moon Gazing Rabbit beads. They suit an Easter-themed bracelet but are not limited to one season. And the Redbalifrog turquoise is such a perfect foil for silver. Have a happy Easter!

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