Perlen Online Event Promotions and Exclusives!

Today Beadsaholic brings the details of the Perlen online event!

Today Saturday, May 25, 2019 is the Perlen Event! Below is a complete outline of today’s event, including the hourly event beads. All are now available online and I’m including a complete outline of promotions that end tomorrow, Sunday, May 26, 2019, so be sure to take advantage of these great sales.

Beauty Beads 4 = 5 Promotion started this past Monday, May 20, 2019 and ends Sunday, May 26, 2019. The Beauty Beads Flower Comet also debuted Monday and can be seen here. Both Flower Comet and Sun and Moon connector are eligible for this promo.

First to debut today at 11 am Denmark time was the Beauty Beads Sun and Moon Connector Bead. This beautiful large bead is a full sun and a crescent moon design on the front and on the back are four holes to thread your bangle, bracelets or necklace through. You can use this bead with one or two bangles/bracelets as this bead will connect two together. Perlen offers this bead with or without stopper O-rings. I have added o-rings to my bead as I like for it to sit tightly on a bangle or bracelet. If you would like to wear this bead on a wrap or leather you will need to remove the o-rings. The detailing is simply amazing as you will see in the following photos. This bead measures approximately 27.34 mm high x 27.21 mm wide and weighs 17.7 grams. Sun and Moon Connector is not limited and retails for DKK 825, price includes vat. Price conversion is available on the Perlen website.

I’m including photos of the back and sides. As you can see though this is a large bead it will sit close to the wrist for comfortable wear.

With O-rings this bead will sit in place perfectly on one bangle, if you prefer to wear it this way. However, please note that wearing it on one bracelet it may flip and will sit best on two bracelets. It will work fine on one necklace, as there is no need for a second. I have paired the Sun and Moon with two Elfbeads on an Elfbeads Star Bangle.

The Beauty Beads Sun and Moon is no doubt a statement piece, no need to stack other bangles as this bead looks amazing as the focal on two bangles with a few accent beads. Below I have paired the Sun and Moon with four Elfbeads glass beads, North and Open Future on two Trollbeads Twisted bangles with Redbalifrog and Elfbeads Star Stoppers.

Wrist Shots!

As you can see it sits perfectly on the wrist with just one bangle.

Seen here on two bangles. I adore the detailing of this bead and it will be one I’ll wear a lot myself on bangles, bracelets and a leather necklace. It will also work well on the Ohm Beads or Trollbeads Leather bracelets.

Perlen is also offering 4 = 5 on True Beadz through Sunday 26, 2019; however, this promo does not include event beads. Fifth bead will automatically be deducted at checkout.

Perlen is offering two new True Beadz Event beads today! First up is the True Beadz Baddie a cute steampunk fish with fantastic detailing all the way around and look at those sharp teeth, ouch! This bead measures approximately 15.24 mm high x 14.48 mm wide and weighs 6.6 grams. Baddie is limited to only three-hundred (300) pieces and retails for DKK 415, price includes vat. Price conversion is available on the Perlen website.

Each side is different which just adds to the detailing of this bead.

Seen here swimming happily with Ohm Beads Reef Dust and Blue Hole, Two True Beadz True Bridge on a Trollbeads Bangle.

Last bead of today’s event is the True Beadz Sweet Caramel a delightful blue, white and what looks to be artichoke (greenish brown) swirls in clear glass. This is a standard size glass. Sweet Caramel is limited to only two-hundred and fifty (250) pieces and retails for DKK 375, price includes vat. Price conversion is available on the Perlen website. Please note, that there is a limit of three beads per customer.

The blue in the True Beadz Sweet Caramel matches the Ohm Beads Blue Hole and Reef Dust perfectly! Also, seen here is the True Bridges on a Trollbeads bangle.

True Beadz Baddie is the perfect companion for last year’s True Beadz Smiley, a Perlen Exclusive.

Wrist Shot!

Argo Studios Promotion: Perlen is offering 15% off current Argo Studios stock, prices will reflect discount. Please note, event bead St Marina will not be included in promotion. Sale is available now through Sunday, May 26, 2019. Use promo code: ARGO at checkout.

Argo Studios St. Marina is a beautiful mermaid! Argo beads are always well detailed and have a matte finish. Only twenty were available in shop today during the event and are now available online as an open pre-order. Please note, that pre-order end tonight at midnight (Denmark time) May 25, 2019. So, if you like this bead order it today! St. Marina retails for DKK 840, price includes vat. Price conversion is available on the Perlen website.

Ohm Beads Promotion: Perlen’s is offering a fantastic promotion on Ohm Beads, When you purchase DKK 1100 / $166 / €150 in Ohm Beads you will receive the beautiful Lila Gold bead FREE! Cannot be combined with loyalty card and excludes June pre-orders. Please note, Lila promotion is only while supplies last and ends at Midnight May 25, 2019. If you would rather not get the Lila Bead, you can get the 5 = 6 Loyalty promotion.

Ohm Beads Lila Gold

Ohm Beads Monkey Business is an adorable monkey playing on his cell phone. I love the detailing of the monkey’s fur and to be honest this looks like me 99% of the time as I’m always either on the phone or ipad. This bead is limited to only three-hundred and thirty-three (333) beads and comes with a box and certificate. There is no limited and this bead is eligible for the promotions going on currently. Monkey Business retails for DKK 440, price includes vat. Price conversion is available on the Perlen website.

Overall, this is an fantastic event with something for everyone! I wish I could be there to mingle with all the collectors and of course, see all these beautiful beads in person. If you would like to see photos from the event be sure to visit Perlen on Facebook, as I’m sure they will be posting throughout the day!

Ready to shop these amazing promotions and event beads visit Perlen by clicking the banner link below. Perlen offers vat free shopping for those of us outside of Europe and offers free shipping world-wide. All event beads are exclusively at Perlen.

As always, I love hearing from you all and I’d love to know if you attended this event in store or online? Were there any must have promos or exclusive event beads? Leave me comment below ❤





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