Elfbeads Flowerstone Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Elfbeads Flowerstones.

Elfbeads Flowerstones make me feel like the flower child I was born to be! Not sure if it’s just me, but this release has such a beautiful bohemian hippie feel to it. They are perfect mixed together or mixed with other beads. I think you will find that there is a bead to match just about any composition and if you love flowers I’m sure you will find several beads that will fit into your collection.

 Elfbeads Flowerstones come in an array of colors and every single bead is unique and beautiful. The average size is 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Below I have twenty-two out of the twenty-four designs made, I’m missing Magnolia Flowerstone and Ceramic Flowerstones. Flowerstones are limited-edition and retail for $31 / €28 / DKK 210, prices in euro include vat.

I personally love these beads all together as I think they really complement one another. I’d actually love to add the Elfbeads Peace and Bohemian Nights to this composition to really give it that flower child feel. I really need to add more silvers to my collection, but for this composition I used Memories, Bohemian, Waterscales, Everstar, and an older twisted bead I just can’t remember the name of, I finished the bracelet off with the Trollbeads Elephant lock. I’m including several up-close photos of this bracelet.

There are so many combinations the Cranberry Flowerstone would look amazing in, here I have it paired with Elfbeads Baby Pink Waves, Sweet Flowerstone, Frog Prince, Retired Flower Fairy, Redbalifrog Frangipani Stoppers on a Trollbeads Twisted Bangle.

Both Elfbeads Scarf and Arabian Sea Flowerstones have some brown mixed in with the blue which made them perfect for this composition. Along with these two beads are Elfbeads Wonder Flowerstone, Frost Flowerstone, Honey Dust Rose Petals, Honey Crumble, Tiger Eye, Everscale BGP, Inner Star BGP, Redbalifrog Star Stoppers on a Trollbeads Gold-Plated Twisted Bangle.

Here I went with a bit of a sea theme with Elfbeads Huate Flowerstone, Tile Flowerstone, Wonder Flowerstone, Frost Flowerstone, Waterscales, Sea Dragon and LE Star Sea Dragon.

I really love the Elfbeads Venom and Butter Flowerstones with these beautiful teal colors in Elfbeads Jungle Scales, Jungle Dreams, Everchange, along with these beautiful silvers Redbalifrog Spirit Fox, Daisy Chain and Sunflower on a Trollbeads Bangle.

This composition is perfect for summer with Elfbeads Crush Flowerstone, Lavender Flowerstone, Fondant Flowerstone, Bouganville Flowerstone, Bohemian and Retired Everstar on a Trollbeads Bangle.

I love how well the Ohm Beads Building Blocks match these Elfbeads Flowerstones. Here I have Ohm Beads Earth-ation, Elfbeads Wildfire Flowerstone, Ohm Beads Fire-ation, Elfbeads Delight Flowerstone, Elfbeads Bohemian, Elfbeads Umbria Flowerstone, Ohm Beads Metal-ation, Elfbeads Wonder Flowerstone, Ohm Beads Water-ation and Redbalifrog Frangipani Stoppers on a Trollbeads Twisted Bangle.

These colors remind me of the 1970’s, though I was a wee little girl during the 70’s I remember the bright decor. Seen here are Elfbeads Wildfire Flowerstone, Waterscales, Delight Flowerstone, Bohemian, Cotton Candy Flowerstone, and Redbalifrog Frangipani Stoppers on a Trollbeads Twisted Bangle.

My cute little granddaughter was quite taken by my beads at my grandson’s kindergarten graduation.

Wrist Shots!

Overall, the color choices are amazing, and I personally love these flowerstones! They are perfect for summer and fit in just about any composition imaginable.

If you would like to browse Elfbeads then you may do so at the following links.

Authorized Elfbeads Retailers 

(Alphabetical order)

“Click retailers name to visit their website.”

Beads Fanatic – ships from Spain

Elfbeads Official – ships from the Netherlands

Perlen – ships from Denmark

Swiss Flower & Gifts – ships from the USA

As always, I love hearing from each of you and would love to know your thoughts on these beautiful Flowerstones? Which is your favorite? Do they remind you of yesteryear? Leave me a comment below ❤






5 responses to “Elfbeads Flowerstone Review

  1. I love these! I am sad that they are limited and I won’t have time to save up to get them all! I have a pair of sea turtle ones 😀

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      • The promos said ‘available until the end of summer’, but I hope they might stay longer if stock remains! *crosses fingers*. They new peonies are lovely too, though! My bead wishlist is always a mile long!

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