The Palace of Amber Cube Flower and Flower Dangle with Pearl Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of The Palace of Amber Cube Flower and Flower Dangle with Pearl.

Recently I received my first two Palace of Amber beads from Swiss Flower & Gifts and I must say they are stunning! I really love that the Cube Flower looks like a beautiful watercolor painting. Last year I was lucky enough to get a couple of Ohm Beads square beads and I have been hoping to see more small square beads enter the bead market, so I was truly happy to see these. The Cube Flower comes in green, black, white and purple, so you have a few different colors to choose from. The Flower Dangle Pearl is a beautiful design and comes in peach, pink, and peacock pearls. I adore the petals of the flower that the pearl is set in. Overall, I think both beads will work in many different compositions and the Cube Flower may be one that you will want in pairs.

The Palace of Amber Cube Flower Green is a stunning cube or square glass with beautiful watercolors of pink, sea foam green and peachy undertones with gold flakes. This bead measures an average of 11.60 mm high x 10.18 mm wide. Cube Flower retails for $27.

The Palace of Amber Flower Dangle with Peacock Pearl is a stunning sterling silver bell type flower with a beautiful peacock pearl hanging from a leaf bail. The dangle hangs 20.85 mm and is 10.44 mm wide. Flower Dangle with Pearl retails for $48.

I must say I’m in love with these two TPOA beads! They are my first and I’d love to add more to my collection at some point. The colors in this bead are so soft and the peacock pearl complements the beautiful shades of sea foam green in the Flower Cube. Below I have composed Redbalifrog Frangipani Stoppers, Trollbeads Pink Pearls, Leaf, Chronicles Spring Blooming and White Crane inner carved Ambers alongside TPOA Cube Flower and Flower Dangle with Pearl on a Trollbeads Twisted Bangle.

To really bring out the pinks in the cube beads I’ve added Trollbeads retired Pink Prisms, which I think look beautiful with the Cube Flower. I’ve also added Trollbeads Baby Breath.

Wrist Shot! 

Overall, I am impressed with both beads by TPOA and have a few more on my want list! Both beads are a nice quality and price point is good, too.

If you would like to browse The Palace of Amber line, you may do so at Swiss Flower & Gift – ships world-wide.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on TPOA? Do you have any beads from this brand? A favorite or any on a wish-list? Leave me a comment below ❤





8 responses to “The Palace of Amber Cube Flower and Flower Dangle with Pearl Review

  1. I love this combination Paula and have been stalking these beads for so long on Swiss Flower, finally took the plunge thanks to your review. I wish Swiss Flower would offer free shipping like most other retailers, but I do enjoy their live photos. I ordered the square floral glass in each color and a peacock dangle from GLB. Can’t wait to play with these combos. As Trollbeads keeps increasing their prices, it’s nice to see such high quality competition at more reasonable prices.


    • Hi Tanya! Happy to hear you were able to get a few. I love the cube bead and need more myself! Yes, the price point and quality is really nice on the TPOA. Do you live in the states? Swiss offers free domestic shipping for US customers who spend $100+ on their website. Look forward to seeing your compositions on social media!


  2. I love TPOA. Every bead that I have of theirs I love. The prices are very nice. The beads are gorgeous. I have several of the square floral beads. They are beautiful and comfortable.

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  3. I just got my first TPOA bead (from GLB Bead Bash) in the mail a couple of days ago and I LOVE it!!! I’ve been looking for brands that make high quality two-tone charms (my favorite) since Pandora just can’t seem to pull it off any longer! 😦 I’m VERY impressed with TPOA! All the details and little moving parts are absolutely EXQUISITE!!! The charm I got is called Noctis and is made of sterling silver and 14k gold and retailed for $108, which isn’t bad for a two-tone event exclusive bead! I’m very excited about this brand and can’t wait to see what they come out with next! I’ll try to include a pic of Noctis duo-tone…….. 🙂


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