Ohm Gnome Festival 2019 Giveaway!

Today is the start of 2019 Ohm Gnome Festival and here on Beadsaholic we are celebrating with a GIVEAWAY! Visit Ohm Beads Facebook page to see all the Gnome festivities across social media.

Ohm Gnome is living out his bucket list here at the top beach destinations around the world with friends.

Speaking of bucket list, I’d love to know what are the top five places or things to do on your bucket list? Comment below and someone will randomly win an original Mr. Gnome <seen here>, a random glass and both will come in a black Ohm2Go travel case.

Top Five on my bucket list are..

  1. Visit Australia!
  2. Scuba Diving
  3. Visit Italy
  4. Make a Snowman in Canada
  5. Travel around Northern Europe

I can’t wait to see what is on your bucket list! Leave me a comment below and Good Luck!

Be sure to tag your friends on social media ❤




78 responses to “Ohm Gnome Festival 2019 Giveaway!

  1. 1. Experience a white Christmas in the United States with my family
    2. Go to Moscow, Russia.
    3. See the northern lights in Iceland.
    4. Visit my friend Karla in Australia.
    5. Celebrate my anniversary with my husband in Greece.

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  2. 1 Travel to the USA
    2 Go to visit cousins
    3 Cook the first risotto
    4 Buy a motorcycle
    5 Good to know and be able to English

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  3. 1. Visit Italy! It’s my husband’s list. And I really hope we could visit one day

    2. Budapest : always been in my wishlist haha.

    3. Japan again. I went to Tokyo once. I hope I could visit again other places in Japan too.

    4. Sunset in Maldives 🥰

    5. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia 🥰🥰🥰

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    • 1. Visit Paris
      2. Hold a sloth
      3. Get a doctorate in Public Health
      4. Live to see my children have their own children.
      5. Find a cure to most diseases.


  4. 1. visit Portugal
    2. skiing in Finland
    3.visit Egypt – pyramids
    4. eating pizza in Neapol
    5. travel around the world with my family

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  5. 1) Fly on an airplane…. anywhere
    2) Be in two places at once
    3) Travel to Japan with my husband and watch his face light up.
    4) Be a mother
    5) Buy/own my own home

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  6. 1. Visit the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage.
    2. Adopt a dog rescued from the Chinese meat trade.
    3.Take up bee keeping.
    4.A gorilla safari in Uganda or Rwanda.
    5.See the Northern Lights in Norway.

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  7. Bucket list:
    – eating “pizza fritta” in Naples
    – sunset in Polynesia
    – living in Mallorca
    – visit Japan
    – visit North Pole

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  8. Cruises:
    Return to Finland, Italy, Alaska, Ireland and Scotland, Netherlands
    Norway, Sweden, Denmark
    New Zealand
    BTW, I thought you meant BEADS! LOL

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  9. So here’s my bucket list:
    1. get healthier so I can do other things from my bucket list
    2. finish my doctorate
    3. travel to New Zealand
    4. improve my German
    5. get fit again

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  10. 1: Aurora Borealis
    2: The catacombs
    3: Road trip the US wierd wonders; like the gigant ball of string
    4: Swim with sharks
    5: Sky dive

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    • 1. Visit Paris
      2. Hold a sloth
      3. Get a doctorate in Public Health
      4. Live to see my children have their own children.
      5. See a cure for most diseases.

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  11. Visit Abu Simbel in Egypt
    Cruise down the Nile in the same boat that Agatha Christie used
    Tour of America with my cousin
    Caribbean cruise
    Visit Pompeii

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  12. 1.Die Hochzeit meines Sohnes feiern
    2.Mit meinen Eltern in Urlaub fahren
    3.Im Wald spazieren gehen
    4.Meinen Garten pflegen
    5.Einen neuen Hund aussuchen

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  13. Bucket List:
    1). Visit Australia again.
    2). Hold a Koala again. 🐨
    3). Travel to Europe and visit European zoos.
    4). Travel to Africa for a photo safari.
    5). Visit Hawaii.

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  14. 1.) Swimming with Sharks
    2.) Finishing our home on our 100 acres and being able to live off grid
    3.) To go to Galapagos
    4.) Revisiting Scotland
    5.) Being fit enough to climb any mountain Matt wants to attempt..NOT Everest…NOT ever!

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