Ohm Beads Pacific Life Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Ohm Beads Pacific Life!

Today is the Ohm Beads Pacific Life Event and I must say I love this glass bead and it has me gushing! My favorites from Ohm have always been Purple Haze and Dreamscape, but this bead may just be among my favorites! I highly suggest buying a pair to balance your designs and besides, it’s such a beautiful color.

Ohm Beads Pacific Life is a beautiful pastel yellow with stunning iridescent color at each turn, you can see this in the video below.  I had to take one photo inside this abalone shell to show how well this bead matches the yellow tones in the shell.  This bead is a standard size barrel, the one pictured measure approximately 15.59 mm high x 8.92 mm wide. Pacific Life is limited to only three hundred and thirty-three (333) pieces and retails for $63 AUD (which is about $45 / €42 converted). Please note, that like all glass beads there will be some variations.

Here is the entire Ohm Beads Australian Collection and the Pacific Life is a nice addition to the collection.

I thought I’d add a photo of the collection with a white background.

It’s perfect to add with some of the Ohm Flowers, Lake Hillier, Pacific Life and the Thailand exclusive Hazy Stripes.

Now for a little tropical feel with Hazy Stripes, Lake Hillier, Pacific Life, Hawaiian Ukulele Girl, and Bucket List.

Pacific Life goes so well with Purple Haze seen here with Hug Me and Holey Bunny.

Suzy the Sloth loves hanging out in the beautiful rays of Pacific Life.

In this composition I used Water-ation, See Forever, Pacific Life, Hawaiian Ukulele Girl, and Mankini for a little fun by the sea.

I think the Pacific Life looks good with the Dreamtime and Coober Pedy.

In this composition I went again with Pacific Life, Lake Hillier, Hazy Stripes, Purple Haze, Holey Bunny, Hug Me, Lotus and Cherry Blossom.

A full look at the Ohm Beads Australian Collection. (Video was taken outside).

Overall, I think this is a great bead to add to any collection. It’s a beautiful color that will work with many different beads.

Pacific Life is available July 12, 2019 at 8 am Gold Coast Time, that is July 11, 2019 at Midnight in Berlin, Germany, 11 pm London, UK, 6 pm in New York, USA, 5 pm in Chicago, IL, USA, and 3 pm in Seattle WA, USA. Find your local time on Time and Date <Click>.

To shop for Pacific Life visit Ohm Beads <click>.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know if you are as excited about this bead as I am? Do you plan on ordering the Pacific Life? Do you have any of the Ohm Beads Australian Collection? Leave me a comment below ❤







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