Ogerbeads Ocean Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Ocean Collection by Ogerbeads.

Yesterday, Ogerbeads announced their latest Ocean Collection and today I have a review of the full collection. There is a total of eight glass beads and two new silvers one of which has pearls. I love the coral and greens in this collection and they are perfect for summer.

Ogerbeads Magical is such a pretty bead with a shimmery glitter navy base and green flowers with clear buds. This bead measures approximately 15.15 mm high x 7.10 mm wide. Magical retails for €22.31.

Ogerbeads Maldives Fragments is a cool looking bead with varied shades of green. This bead measures approximately 14 mm high x 7.21 mm wide. Maldives Fragments retails for €26.45.

Ogerbeads Mermaid Teal Is aqua base bead with waves of turquoise and lime.  This bead measures approximately 15 mm high x 7.13 mm wide. Mermaid Teal retails for €22.31.

Ogerbeads Fragments is a shimmery glitter navy base with green oval designs. This bead measures approximately 14.18 mm high x 7.10 mm wide. Fragments retails for €26.45.

Ogerbeads Enchanting has a shimmery glitter orange base with coral orange and pink flowers with clear buds. This bead measures approximately 15.50 mm high x 7.60 mm wide. Enchanting retails for €22.31.

Ogerbeads Scarlet Ribbons is a cool looking coral orange and pink stripes with orange and pink flowers on the side. This bead measures approximately 15.24 mm high x 7.38 mm wide. Scarlet Ribbons retails for €22.31.

Ogerbeads Coral Fragments is another cool bead like Maldives but with pink and coral orange swirled around. This bead measures approximately 14.03 mm high x 7.18 mm wide. Coral Fragments retails for €26.45.

Ogerbeads Flamingo Fragments has a glittery gold base with pink oval details. This bead measures approximately 14.41 mm high x 7.10 mm wide. Flamingo Fragments retails for €26.45.

Ogerbeads Pearls of the Sea is a beautiful bead with five white freshwater pearls. This bead measures approximately 14.67 mm high x 5.95 mm wide. Pearls of the Sea retails for €42.98.

Side view.

Ogerbeads Lighthouses is a rather abstract and unique design. This bead measures approximately 14.80 mm high x 3.39 mm wide. Lighthouses retails for €22.31.

Side view.

Wrist Shot!


Overall, these are beautiful additions to the Ogerbeads line, and I am happy to see new colors and designs. This release has a universal core and will fit all brands.

If you would like to shop the new collection or browse Ogerbeads you may do so at the following links.

Click on Store names to visit their website.

Ogerbeads – ships from the Netherlands

Pianeta Beads – ships from Italy

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this new release? Any on your wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤






2 responses to “Ogerbeads Ocean Collection Review

  1. Love the new releases! So bright and lovely! It also helps that the prices are that high, so it so much easier to buy multiples lol!!
    Thank you for you amazing preview and hard work 😘

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