Dream Glass Art Bear Maze, Princess Hat, Ma Lei Bear and Dotted Glass Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Dream Glass Art Bear Maze, Princess Hat, Ma Lei Bear and Dotted Glass.

I have had so much fun playing with these fairly new limited-edition beads from Dream Glass Art. Their Ma Lei Bear line is simply adorable, so if you love teddy bears you must check these out.

Dream Glass Art Ma Lei Bear Set is limited-edition and perfect as a pendant or on a bracelet. This set comes with a blue glass with reflective bow, Bear top, bottom and a threaded bead stick in a cute wooden box. This set together approximately measures 32.15 mm high x 16.22 mm wide and just the silver pieces weigh together 12 grams. Ma Lei Bear set retails for NT$4,650 ( which is approximately $149.86 / €134.45 ).

I have used the interchangeable Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace with a Waxing Poetic link holding Dream Glass Art Search below and above Dotted Toffee.

Dream Glass Art Ma Lei Bear Princess Hat is a cute limited-edition tritone hat with a bow and bear head. It is made of sterling silver with yellow and rose 9k gold and fits perfectly on the Ma Lei Bears ears. This bead is numbered, measures approximately 11.55 mm high x 26.83 mm wide and weighs 11 grams. Ma Lei Bear Princess Hat retails for NT$3,980 ( which is approximately $128.27 / €115.08 ).

Dream Glass Art Dotted Collection comes in from left to right Dotted Black Jasmine, Dotted Lavender Rain Matte, Dotted Mint, Dotted Snow White Matte, Dotted Lavender Rain, Dotted Jasmine Matte. All are beautiful polka dotted glass beads. I really love that they come in matte and glossy. Dream Glass Art has such fantastic control over their glass as you can see each are very close in size below. The average size is 15-16 mm high x 9-10 mm wide. Dotted Collection retails individually for NT$1,250 ( which is approximately $40.28 / €36.14 ).

Also, seen here are the Dotted Glass beads on the Dream Glass Art Plaid Bangle.

Dream Glass Art Bear Maze is limited-edition and such a fun bear head that is a functional game on the back. Never be bored with this cute bead on your wrist! This bead measures approximately 16.25 mm high x 24.65 mm wide and weighs 12.3 grams. Bear Maze retails for NT$3,680 ( which is approximately $118.60 / €106.40).

The Dream Glass Art fits all brands including the Trollbeads Bangle featured here.

Here is a video view of these beads in play.

Wrist Shots!

Overall, Dream Glass Art creates wonderful pieces of art that are fun and beautiful. Each of these silver pieces are heavy, so you are getting a lot of silver for your money and well they are just too cute.

If you would like to browse Dream Glass Art you may do so at the following link.

Dream Glass Art – Ships from Thailand 

As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on the beads in this article? Do you have any Dream Glass Art? Any on your wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤







6 responses to “Dream Glass Art Bear Maze, Princess Hat, Ma Lei Bear and Dotted Glass Review

  1. This is a completely “charming “ collection. The Princess hat and sweet bear are lovely. I also love the polka dot glass! This brand is new to me , so thank-you for the introduction.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You will find lots of totally cute beads in the Dream Glass Art Collection! I love the polka dot beads with the bear, it was like playing dress up with my teddy bear as a child.


  2. Just found you, love your videos and reviews. Interesting brand, lovely beads and concept but wondering in the last shot ,what is the brand you are wearing with the spherical beads.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, Angela! Happy you found me. The bracelet in the last wrist shot is the Tarot collection by Dream Glass Art. I put beads I liked best from the collection to create a ball bracelet. I used all three dangles from the collection evenly in the design. I will be reviewing the collection on the blog soon, but in the meantime I have a photo of the bracelet on Instagram and you can find the beads individually on Dream Glass Art website.


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