Spiritbeads Kokeshi Music

Today Beadsaholic brings a news of the latest release from Spiritbeads!

Today Spiritbeads debuts their latest limited-edition bead “Kokeshi Music”! Spiritbeads is renowned for their limited-edition Kokeshi doll beads and this new bead is the perfect addition to the collection.

Spiritbeads Kokeshi Music is an adorable Kokeshi doll playing what looks to be a Shamisen. She is too cute with her up do adorned with a flower. Kokeshi Music comes in silver and two-tone and  is limited to one hundred and fifty (150) pieces. This bead measures approximately 15.97 mm high x 10.45 mm wide and weighs 4.5 grams. Kokeshi Music retails for €55, two-tone €95, both prices include vat.

My Kokeshi had a bit of fun playing her music in the Zen garden.

Loving the Spiritbeads Burst of Fuchsia with the Kokeshi Music, Bonsai and two Aqua Hand-made & Gift resin beads on a Trollbeads Bangle.

Here I mixed Spiritbeads Kokeshi Music, Burst of Fuchsia, Lotus with Trollbeads Amber Diamonds, Yellow Twinkle on a Trollbeads Bangle.

I changed it up some in this composition with Spiritbeads Kokeshi Music, Chochin Obake, Samurai, Burst of Fuchsia, Trollbeads Hematite and Pyrite on a Trollbeads Bangle.

Though I wear bangles the most, I do love a full bracelet on special occasions. Here I went with Spiritbeads Silvers and Burst of Fuchsia with Ogerbeads and Aqua Hand-made & Gift on a Trollbeads Foxtail bracelet with the Carolina Jasmine lock.

Of course, this is such a cute bead that is the perfect addition to any Kokeshi collection!

Kokeshi Music is available at the following links for pre-order today and will ship on August 12, 2019. Both shops offer vat free shopping for those outside of Europe. Click banners to be visit shops.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know if you collect the Kokeshi doll beads? Do you have any Spiritbeads? Have a favorite? Leave me a comment below ❤





6 responses to “Spiritbeads Kokeshi Music

  1. I ordered her and am very excited to get this bead. I will be going in a different direction as I play guitar and she will be going on my “guitar” bracelet. Only silvers but I have quite a Band going.

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