Ohm Beads August 2019 Review

Today Beadsaholic takes a closer look at some of the August 2019 Ohm Beads.

Today is release day for Ohm Beads August 2019 collection and I have a few of them here on the blog today. I review a lot of different brands and Ohm Beads is one of my favorites as I love their fun and quirky style. They truly think outside the box and I never know what they will come up with next. August being their 11th birthday they are celebrating with the release of two new cool beads Birthday Cake and Thanks A Lot which are fun and colorful. I find that Birthday Cake complements the retired UpChucked Confetti nicely, if you by chance have these. Also, releasing today is the Ohm Beads 51st bead of the month Heart of the Woods, two new Word beads and a glowing Afaik.

Ohm Beads Heart of the Woods is the 51st bead of the month and is limited to five hundred and fifty-five (555) pieces. This bead is a beautiful anatomically correct heart with wood grain detailing. I personally love Ohm Beads heart beads as they are always so different from each other and other brands with their own special twist on a heart design. Heart of the Woods can be worn on a bracelet/bangle/leather or on the Ohm Ball Necklace, measures approximately 15.70 mm high x 13.18 mm wide and weighs 5.2 grams.

Heart of the Woods retails for $85 / €88, price includes vat.

Ohm Beads WTF? is the latest addition to the Ohm Word Collection and who doesn’t ask this question from time to time? I know I do, and my son even says “what the flip” the censored version 😉 of the question all adults tend to ask. This of course is not a bead for everyone, but I find it ironically fun and will add it to my random fun bracelets. This bead has WTF? on two sides and four holes to allow this bead to be worn in different directions, measures approximately 10.13 mm high x 10.20 mm wide and weighs 3.5 grams.

Ohm WTF? retails for $70 / €73, price includes vat.

Ohm Beads Birthday Cake reminds me of funfetti cake or sprinkles on white icing. I really enjoy wearing this bead with the Thanks A Lot and Upchucked Confetti as it’s such a fun design. Birthday Cake is barrel shape and measure approximately 15.95 mm high x 9.16 mm wide, please note that with all glass beads size, color and style can vary.

Birthday Cake retails for $45 / €52, price includes vat.

Ohm Beads Thanks A Lot is a beautiful black core design with scattered flecks of color and crystal throughout encased with clear glass. I really love this bead and may have to add a second to my collection, would be a great way to add some color to a black theme this winter. Thanks A Lot is a barrel shape bead that measures approximately 15.39 mm high x 9.25 mm wide.

Thanks A Lot retails for $50 / €52, price includes vat.

A close look and unboxing of the Ohm August 2019 collection. I rarely speak in videos, so if you just want to see live images you can always mute me, haha.  (Also, please note that the symbol on the heart is not ohm symbols it’s the woods swirl. I obviously need glasses.)

Here you can see the Ohm Birthday Cake next to the Ohm Upchucked Confetti.

A colorful mix of glass with Poisoned Apple, Upchucked Confetti, Lazy Lawn, Park View, Birthday Cake and Thanks A Lot mixed with some fun Ohm Silvers with Gargoyle, Beasties, WTF?, Heart of the Woods, Deadhead Moth and Magic Frog.

I took a few photos of this bracelet at different angles to show all the beads better.

This has been my go-to bangle since the beads arrived. I really love them all together.

They work perfectly on leather and I love the Birthday Cake with the rainbow-colored Slim Ohm Glass. I went back with fun beads like the Gargoyle who is upchucking confetti, Beasties and WTF?.

Basically, the same design except on the Ohm Chunky Bracelet.

Looks like JD is asking the question on all of our minds!

The Heart of the Woods looks nice on the brown Ohm Whip Bracelet. I tend to wear one bead next to the ohm clasp for a simple look.

The Heart of the Woods has a hole in the top to allow to be worn on an Ohm Ball Necklace. Seen here with Wood-ation and Deadhead Moth on the short dirty Ball Necklace.


Wrist Shots!

Again, this is such a fun release and a way to add a little fun to your life. I know for me when I see these beads on my wrist they bring a smile to my face and sometimes even a giggle or two.

If you have not yet shopped this collection you may do so at the following links. Please note, that all retailers in Europe listed offer vat free shopping for those who reside outside Europe. Also, as of today the new collection is available on the Ohm Beads Website.

Featured Ohm Beads Retailers

(Alphabetical order – click on retailers name)

Beads Fanatic – Ships Globally from Spain

Edone – Ships Globally from Italy

Perlen – Ships Globally from Denmark

Pianeta Beads – Ships Globally from Italy

Star Bijou – Ships Globally from Germany

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know if there are any beads in this release you must have? Leave me a comment below ❤







2 responses to “Ohm Beads August 2019 Review

  1. Thanks for the brilliant review Paula.
    The various and imaginative combinations gave me a different perspective on some of these beads, and as a result a couple of them have been added to my never ending bead wish list
    Take care 😊💗

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