Trollbeads Golden Nightfall Autumn Collection 2019 Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings a preview of Trollbeads Golden Nightfall Autumn Collection 2019.

Today is preview day for Trollbeads Autumn 2019 collection Golden Nightfall. In this collection you will find five round stones, two glass kits, two gold beads, six silver beads, two locks, a pendant and a pair of earrings.

Trollbeads Nightfall Kit consist of six new glass beads and will retail for $193.

From left to right:

  • Flowers of Passion 
  • Birds of Freedom
  • Golden Foilage 
  • Birds of Joy
  • Golden Poppies
  • Flowers of Poise 

Individually these will retail for $39.

Trollbeads Day Dream Kit consist of six new glass beads and will retail for $193.

From left to right:

  • Dream Blossom
  • Mindful 
  • Doodle 
  • Dream Stripes
  • Dream Blaze
  • Flying Thoughts

Individually these will retail for $39.

In this release there are five new round stones which I am happy to see as I was hoping to add to my collection of round stones.

In this release top to bottom:

  • Round Black Onyx 
  • Round Amethyst 
  • Round Red Onyx
  • Round Tiger Eye
  • Round Garnet 

The round stones will retail individually for $50.

There are basically two themes for fall one of which is an autumn theme and the other is a nighttime theme.

In this first composition from Trollbeads is the following silvers, lock and gold bead.

  • Clouds retails for $39
  • Night Dream retails for $28
  • Clouds Lock retails for $50
  • Spirit of Sleep retails for $50
  • Fantasy Hibiscus, Gold retails for $363

In this second composition from Trollbeads is the following silver beads, lock and gold bead.

  • Leaves of Grace retails for $39
  • Lock of Leaves retails for $72
  • Flower Wreath retails for $28
  • Golden Leaves, Gold retails for $292

Trollbeads is also including a new frame silver bead in the autumn collection that perfectly frames the small round stones.

Framed by Nature retails for $50

In this release we will also see a new pendant and earrings.

  • Nature Girl Pendant retails for $94
  • Nature Girl Earrings retails for $116

This year there is a new limited-edition Halloween glass bead and it will match the Trollbeads Trick or Treat perfectly!

Get Spooky retails for $61

I look forward to seeing these in person and am most excited for the Nightfall Kit, Round Stones and Framed by Nature silver. I will have live images here on the blog September 2, 2019 and this collection will release on September 6. 2019.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know if there are any favorites in this release? What will be on your wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤




10 responses to “Trollbeads Golden Nightfall Autumn Collection 2019 Preview

  1. Wow! I am really stunned by the glass. They’re all gorgeous. The colors are right up my street. For the first time ever, I want all of both kits. Usually there’s something I can forgo, but these are all must-haves.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love fall colors during the fall and these colors will work for me, too. I also love that most of the beads will match and mix well together! It’s a true autumn release 🍂🍁


  2. It certainly is an autumn release in terms of the colours, but personally I feel underwhelmed. My only ‘oh’ moment was the garnet round stones. The two flower glass beads are quite nice, but honestly won’t be rushing to the shops for this release…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, compared to last year this release has more of a autumn color theme. Most of the silvers are very troll and are nice theme fillers if you are working on one of the themes, I could see the spirit of sleep in a Halloween theme. I personally really love the stones, though I tend to wear smaller beads and simpler designs during the summer, just too hot otherwise.


  3. Really nice collection. Spirit of Sleep is interesting to me – a lot of thought seems to have gone into it. (The surrender of body and mind – something along those lines.) Love the Halloween glass. And several of the stones (the black and red onyx, and the amethyst.) I really like to wear a single stone on a bangle. Boring, perhaps.

    Summer, where did you go???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not boring at all, there are many times I prefer a simple bangle, it’s calming I think. I do love the new stones, these smaller stones are fun especially in this heat. I’m ready for Autumn 🍂 ☺️


  4. Argh! Really excited by most of collection! Usually I’m more tempted by individual beads but it’s going to be more a case of not buying a few beads.

    Liked by 1 person

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