Swiss Flower and Gift Rocky Mountain Bead Event

Today Beadsaholic brings complete details of the Rocky Mountain Bead Event.

Rocky Mountain Bead Event kicks off this Friday, August 16, 2019 at 10 am until 7 pm and will continue on Saturday, August 17, 2019 from 10 am until 6 pm in store. There will also be an online event for those of us who can’t make the trip. Online event will begin Thursday, August 15, 2019 at midnight eastern time. Be sure to sign up for VIP event codes and promotions on Swiss Flower and Gift website.

This is a huge event that offers lots of beautiful exclusive beads from some fantastic brands! I have a few of these beads here today to share with you. Event beads are exclusive and can only be purchased in store or online at Swiss Flower and Gift. They will be offering event beads from Argo Studios, Redbalifrog, The Palace of Amber, Elfbeads and Trollbeads. Trollbeads Illumination event bead will only be available in store.

Redbalifrog Colorado^3 is a super cool six-sided sterling silver cube with mountains, deer, pine cones and a flower that looks to be columbine, on the other two sides you will find a C for Colorado and the year they became a state in 1876. This bead measures approximately 11.79 mm high x 12.08 mm wide and weighs 6.2 grams. Colorado^3 retails for $45.

The Palace of Amber Swiss Stoppers are beautiful and completely functional. You will find a vine like design with Swiss Edelweiss flowers and pine cones. These stoppers fit all major brand bangles including the thinner Elfbeads and Aurora bangles. They fit tightly and stay in place. Each stopper measures approximately 12.45 mm high x 5.27 mm wide and weighs 2 grams. Swiss Stopper retails for $40.

The Palace of Amber Timeless Treasure is simply one word “AMAZING”! I love beads and get excited quite often, but this bead excites me to a whole new level. I love that it’s not just a bead, it’s a pendant, a locket and looks like a beautiful pocket watch with moving gears. One side of the charm is hinged and opens up to allow for two photos. I printed out two photos of my babies and placed in the locket to show how it will look. This bead measures approximately 22.15 mm high x 15.32 mm wide and weighs 9.5 grams. Timeless Treasure retails for $80.

Be sure to see the video for demonstration showing the gears move.

Argo Studios Flower Branch is such a unique and beautiful design set in sterling silver. This branch will hold a barrel shaped bead or multiple small beads underneath for a peek a boo effect. I personally love wearing this branch with the Elfbeads Flower World and a dangle. This bead measures approximately 8.15 high x 30.95 mm wide and weighs 6 grams. Flower Branch retails for $150.

Elfbeads Sunrise on the Mountain has a beautiful mountain landscape along one side with golden glass with glittery gold clouds. This bead averages around 14.80 mm high x 7.11 mm wide and retails for $31.

Elfbeads Purple Mountain Majesty is the 2018 event bead for Swiss Flower and Gift, but I wanted to share it as well as it’s a stunning bead! You will find shades of purple, fuchsia, and peach to create a beautiful skyline above the mountain tops along one side with glittery gold clouds. This bead averages around 14.84 mm high x 7.59 mm wide and retails for $31.

Here is a video review and a close look at the event beads.

My favorite color is purple and I’m totally in love with this first composition featuring some of my favorite brands. Starting at the top is Trollbeads Nature Friendship, TPOA Huevo Magico, Retired Elfbeads Mystic Dewdrops, Argo Studios Tiger Lily, Dream Glass Art Purple Midnight Romance, TPOA Swiss Stopper, Purple Mountain Majesty, Argo Studios Flower Branch with Dream Glass Art Antelope Canyon, Trollbeads Scales, Elfbeads Purple Mountain Majesty, TPOA Swiss Stopper, Dream Glass Art Gorgeous Queen, Redbalifrog Colorado^3, Elfbeads Darkberry Golddust Flowertwig, Redbalifrog Chrysanthemum, Trollbeads Rainbow of Luck on a Trollbeads bracelet with the Lace Lock.

The Redbalifrog Colorado^3 looks fabulous as the focal here with Elfbeads Purple Mountain Majesty and TPOA Swiss Stoppers on a Trollbeads bangle.

The Argo Studios Flower Branch looks beautiful with these Elfbeads Blush glass beads.

This has been my go-to bangle since the TPOA Timeless Treasure arrived. Seen here are TPOA Swiss Stoppers, Timeless Treasure, Elfbeads Purple Mountain Majesty and Argo Studios Snowdrops on a Trollbeads Twisted bangle.

Here is the same as above, but traded Elfbeads, seen here are the Sunrise on the Mountain.

Of course, when I received the TPOA Timeless Treasure I felt the need to make another complete bracelet and went with nice golden tones. Seen here starting at the Trollbeads Butterfly lock, Elfbeads Misty Pearl Monet, Argo Studios Tiger Lily, Chronicles Amber Sakura, Argo Studios Snowdrops, Elfbeads Honey Dust Rose Petals, Redbalifrog Colorado^3, Elfbeads Sunrise on the Mountain, Argo Studios Flower Branch, TPOA Carved Amber Rose Dangle, Elfbeads Peach Garden World Fractal, Elfbeads Sunrise on the Mountain, TPOA Timeless Treasure, Elfbeads Amber Golddust, Argo Studios Snowdrops, Chronicles Full Bloom, Argo Studios Rose and Trollbeads Warm Breeze.

A few close ups of this bracelet at different angles.

I truly can’t stop looking at this work of art. Timeless Treasures is a true treasure.

Wrist Shots!

The TPOA Moonlight Sonata – Moonstone on the leather I have not taken off since I received it and is a must have! Swiss Flower and Gifts have a few left, so grab one while you can. I may need a second 😉

Current favorite stack! Wearing this today.

Now for some details on the event.


  • Buy 3 get the 4th FREE
  • Buy a clasp receive a FREE chain ($50 value)
  • Jumbo Uniques Buy 2 get 1 FREE ($61 value)
  • Jumbo Carved Amber available online * Selections vary
  • 2019 Event Bead “Illumination” – in store only $72 

Elfbeads & Elfpetite

  • Buy 3 get the 4th Free
  • Exclusive “Sunrise on the Mountain” Event Bead $31 

Argo Studios

Purchase the Exclusive “Flower Branch” Event Bead and receive a FREE Glass Barrel ($41 value) *While supplies last 


  • New Release and New lower pricing
  • Exclusive “Colorado^3” Event Bead $45 

The Palace of Amber

  • Exclusive “Swiss Stopper” Event Bead $40
  • “Timeless Treasure” Exclusive locket bead $80
  • TPOA Stones buy 3 get 4th FREE ($59 value) 

Party Pack

All 5 Exclusive Event Beads for $300 *Savings of $62 *Cannot be combined with any other promotions 

Drawing Tickets

  • Every order receives 1 ticket
  • Orders over $300 receive additional 2 tickets
  • Orders over $500 receive additional 3 tickets

Tickets will enter you in the drawings of rare limited items from Elfbeads and Trollbeads *Trollstone, Armadillos, Antique Flower and Elfbeads Dragons 

Don’t forget to sign up for VIP!

Event Starts online at Swiss Flower and Gifts August 15, 2019 at 2400 (midnight) Eastern Time zone. To figure out times in your area use the Time and Date website.

Important links to follow the event.

Swiss Flower and Gifts carry a wide variety of products like Elfbeads, Elfpetite, Trollbeads, Argo Studios, Redbalifrog, Chronicles Amber, The Palace of Amber and True Beadz (which are currently 25% off), as well as gifts and decor. So, if in the area stop by, if not be sure to join in on the fun online.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know if you plan on participating in the event this weekend in store or online? Any must have event beads? Leave me a comment below ❤





7 responses to “Swiss Flower and Gift Rocky Mountain Bead Event

  1. I LOVE everything, what a gorgeous collection of event beads! I never ordered from them, I am afraid of the extra costs when customs get hold of my package, that really ruins the joy of buying beautiful things abroad.

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  2. This is a beautiful collection for sure! I don’t buy much from them either, as $6.50 is steep for US shipping of beads and I don’t always want to spend over $100 to qualify for free shipping (last time I did the beads were mailed first class anyway). That minor complaint being said, I do especially love the Colorado Silver from RBF. With that and the new RBF release coming out, I’m sure to take a peek! Thanks for the review Paula.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you 🙏🏼 yes, the Colorado bead is quite nice. I believe the shipping is a standard rate and most retailer who charge shipping do an amount that will cover most weights. But, I do understand.


  3. Thank you so much for your review! I just started following you on Instagram and came over to the blog. Oh my! I think my budget will be blown with all these wonderful beads!

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