Dream Glass Art Halloween Collection Review and Release.

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Dream Glass Art Halloween Collection.

Today I am reviewing four new beads from Dream Glass Art in my favorite theme HALLOWEEN! All four beads will release on September 9, 2019 at 00:01 (Taiwan time). I love this time of the year and was so excited when these beads arrived. I love everything to do with Halloween. So, this is the perfect theme!

Dream Glass Art Frankenstein is such an adorable bead! It is a traditional Frankenstein who looks like he is walking with his arms out. The head is hinged and opens to reveal a Ma Lei Bear inside that comes out and Frankenstein can carry in his detailed hands. See video for a closer view of how this bead works. This bead is sterling silvers, fits all major brands, measures approximately 23.65 mm x 13.69 mm wide and weighs 12.7 grams. Frankenstein is limited to only one hundred (100) pieces and retails for NT$4,550 ( $145.86 / €131.43 ).

I felt Frankenstein needed some green and went with Dream Glass Art Breeze Bright and Breeze Matte.

Dream Glass Art Ma Lei Bandage Bear is a cute nice bear on one side and an evil bear on the other. This bear is wrapped in bandages for a cute Mummy look. This bead is sterling silver, fits all major brand carriers, measures approximately 15.48 mm high x 12.85 mm wide and weighs 4.8 grams. Ma Lei Bandage Bear is limited to one hundred (100) pieces and retails for NT$2,680 ( $85.92 / €77.42 ).

Though blue isn’t all that Halloweenie, It is the color of nightfall, so why not? I framed Ma Lei Bandage Bear with Royal Blue Bright, and Royal Blue Matte.

Dream Glass Art Ma Lei Satan Bear is an adorable sterling silver flying little devil bear complete with horns, wings, curled tail and holding a 9k gold blivet. This bead measures approximately 12.12 mm high x 18.19 mm deep x17.68 mm wide and weighs 5.6 grams. Ma Lei Satan Bear is limited to one hundred (100) pieces and retails for NT$2,680 ( $85.92 / €77.42 ).

This lil’devil is just too cute and I felt he needed some fire red glass beads, so I went with Rose King Bright and Rose Velvet.

Dream Glass Art Pumpkin Candle is a fun sterling silver jack o’ lantern with a 9k gold candle and what looks to be wax dripping down the top of the pumpkin. This bead measures approximately 12.08 mm high x 10.81 mm wide and weighs 3.4 grams. Pumpkin Candle is limited to one hundred (100) pieces and retails for NT$2,980 ( $95.53 / €86.08 )

I don’t have much in Orange glass from Dream Glass Art, but thought that Twilight and Sunset Scenery go nicely with Pumpkin Candle.

A video review of Dream Glass Art Halloween Collection. Check this video out to see all the details of each bead.

A bracelet perfect for the season and I LOVE these glass beads together! Glass seen here is Wisteria Bright and GBB-180115.

On each side of Satan Bear are Wisteria Bright and GBB-161234.

Here I’ve added Wisteria Matte, GBB-180116 framing the two-piece skull SBB-170808M.

Ma Lei Bandage Bear is framed by Wisteria Matte and Five Poison.

Promotional Giveaway starts September 9, 2019 and below are the details on how to participate. Be sure to visit Dream Glass Art on Facebook and Instagram.

I have had quite a few requests on how to navigate Dream Glass Art Website with changing language and currency. Below are two tutorial videos.

IPad or Desktop View


Mobile View

Overall, it’s such a fun collection! I love the details in these beads, and they are just so perfect for Halloween!

Right now, the site says Sold out, but they are not. They will be available at 00:01 (Taiwan time) September 9, 2019. Visit their website at the link below.

Dream Glass Art – ships from Taiwan

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this release? Do you have any Dream Glass Art? Any Favorites? Leave me a comment below ❤





8 responses to “Dream Glass Art Halloween Collection Review and Release.

  1. Paula, I love them all, but the skull in the helmet really gets me. LOL! Does the helmet tip? It looks lower in your pic than on the site. It would be really cool if the glasses came down over his eyes.


    • Hahaha, I love the skull, too. Fits in nicely in my skull bead collection. Yes, it will tilt some, it’s a two piece bead, the skull and helmet. They have a pair of skeleton hands that a glass bead fits inside of that I love, as well.


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