Ohm Beads Ohmpal Release is TODAY!

Today Beadsaholic brings details of the latest Ohm Beads Event Ohmpal.

Today is the release day for Ohm Beads Ohmpal which is part of the Australian collection and is the rendition of Black Opal, one of Australia most popular gems. This is a beautiful glass bead that I think goes rather well with Ohm Beads Thanks A Lot and the slim glass brings out the color in these black base beads even more.

This bead is limited-edition with only two hundred and twenty-two (222) pieces available. Sales start today at 8 am Gold Coast time (September 13) which is 5 pm central USA time (September 12), so be sure to use Time and Date Calculator to figure out times in your area.

Ohm Beads Ohmpal is a beautiful black base bead with lots of color in shades of green, red, yellow and turquoise encased in clear glass. This is a standard size barrel shape. Ohmpal retails for (will update with price).

I took a few outdoor in the sun photos at different angles.

Indoor photo to show how it looks in different lighting.

Here in the next two photos indoors and outdoors you can see that the Ohmpal mixes well with the Drop Slim, Sour Slim, Thanks A Lot, and Mow Slim glass beads. All silvers used are retired/special editions.

Look how beautiful the colors shine in the sun!

Wrist Shot!

Overall, Ohmpal is a beautiful bead and of course mixes well with other beads and I’m sure I could use a few other different colors to bring new colors out in this bead.

See it on my YouTube Channel in the September Release Video Review <click here>. Be sure to subscribe!

Want to shop for this bead? You may do so at the following link at 8 am Gold Coast time or 5 pm Central USA. That is in 7 hours from the time this article posted.

Ohm Beads – Ships from Australia 

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on Ohmpal? Do you have any of the Australian collection? Leave me a comment below!






2 responses to “Ohm Beads Ohmpal Release is TODAY!

  1. I bought one, but I hesitated. I wish it were more opalescent. It basically just looks spotted. In general, my favorite beads tend to be regional exclusives.

    I’m just starting to appreciate those slim beads. At first I thought they looked like poker chips. But they’re growing on me.

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    • The slim glass grew on me pretty fast. I skipped the first release but then decided to get the rainbow colors to wear on a bangle and now I want them all, it’s a great way to add more color without taking up so much room. I love the Ohmpal, but do agree, I wish there were more opalescents too, to give it a more opal look.


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