NiwaBeads latest release reviews

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the latest collections from Niwabeads.

Niwabeads is one of my favorite brands as I love the detailing and beauty of nature they create in their beads. In this article you will find some of the latest releases Niwabeads and Mama MaLa has to offer and I’m sure you are going to love them as much as I do!

Also, Niwabeads has an event in Bangkok, Thailand November 24, 2019 and I hope to see you all there!

Mama MaLa Koi is a stunning sterling silver barrel bead with 18k gold accent around Jade (comes in sapphire and ruby, as well). As you turn this bead you will find two beautiful Koi fish blowing bubbles and swimming around stunning full lotus, lotus pods and lily pads. The details in these beads are simply amazing. This bead measures approximately 13.78 mm high x 17.24 mm wide and weighs 10.4 grams. Koi is limited to one hundred and eleven (111) pieces and retails for €115.

Mama MaLa is a sister brand that operates under Niwabeads in Asia. You may purchase these beads by contacting Niwabeads directly or one of the beautiful ladies at Mama MaLa.

I used a macro lens and my iPhone to get the shots below and all other photos were taken with my camera. Love that the macro lens allows you to see really up-close sections of a bead.

Mama MaLa Phoenix simply rises from the garden holding her beautiful ruby ball of fire! This beautiful barrel bead is set in sterling silver and 18k gold with a beautifully detailed Phoenix wrapping around this bead with scattered flowers throughout. This bead measures approximately 13.76 mm high x 17.07 mm wide and weighs 11.8 grams. Phoenix is limited and retails for €115.

Phoenix is available through Niwabeads or Mama MaLa.

Niwabeads Wings of Dreams Spacers are such stunning small works of art with different flowers, leaves and butterflies on what looks to be a vine with one large flower that contains a ruby in the center. This bead comes as a pair that measures 10.03 mm high x 5.43 mm wide each and weighs together 3.7 grams. Wings of Dreams Spacer set retails for €75.

This set is a Singapore exclusive and can be purchased through Niwabeads or one of the lovely Asian sellers Huynh Thi Canh Dien or Maggie Lo.

Niwabeads Love Me Teddy is such an adorable mother and baby bear that are chained together with an articulating lock and key. You will find that this bead is very detailed with hair, patches, chains, lock, key, even the bottom of the feet are detailed with wrinkles. As a protective mother, I’m sure my son feels at times he is chained to me as I always know where he is at or I’m watching close by. Love Me Teddy measures approximately 17.63 mm high x 16.29 mm wide and weighs 12.1 grams. This bead is limited to one hundred and eighty-eight (188) beads and retails for €79.

This is a German exclusive and is only available through Niwabeads. Available for Preorder today and will release on October 20, 2019.

Niwabeads Golden Blink Ruby is a beautiful deep pink with lots of glitter. I love how well these match the Ruby stones. These run an average size of 15 mm high x 9 mm wide, are limited to ninety-eight (98) pieces and retail for €55.

Golden Blink Ruby is available at Niwabeads, Beads Fanatic and Story in the Bead.

Niwabeads Opal Diamond is a beautiful aurora colored glass with cz scattered throughout. These will go perfectly with the Aurora style beads from Trollbeads and Elfbeads! This bead has an average size of 15 mm high x 9 mm wide and is limited to fifty-three (53) beads. Opal Diamond retails for €55.

Opal Diamonds is available through Niwabeads, Beads Fanatic and Story in the Bead.

A close look at Niwabeads!

Now for some photos of these beautiful beads. The barrels are fabulous alone on a bangle or on a bracelet with all your favorite beads. I’ve used Trollbeads bangles and Redbalifrog Stoppers.

This is one of my favorite ways to wear the barrels! I think they look so beautiful mixed together with other Niwabeads and Trollbeads.

This is another favorite composition, I love the Niwabeads mixed with these Asian inspired Chronicles.

The new Love Me Teddy is just too adorable!

In this full bracelet composition, I’ve mixed all Niwabeads on a Trollbeads bracelet with a Trollbeads Lock. I’m including lots of close up photos of each section of the bracelet.

Overall, this is a wonderful brand and if you have not taken the plunge I suggest giving the brand a try. I love their beads and the detailing is simply amazing.

If you would like to browse or shop for Niwabeads you may do so through any of the links below. Niwabeads is currently working on a new website; however, until site is ready you can order through email or social media.

Beads Fanatic – ships from Spain

Story in the Bead – ships Czech Republic

Niwabeads email – ships from Germany and Thailand.

Niwabeads Facebook

Niwabeads Instagram

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on Niwabeads and I’d love to know if you have any beads from this brand in your collection? Leave me a comment below ❤