Chronicles Amber Golden Fall Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Chronicles Amber Golden Fall Collection!

It’s no secret that I am totally in love with Chronicles! If you know me you know that I have a great appreciation for art and have since I was a child, I love visiting art galleries and have read books and off the internet about some of my favorite Artist over the years. So, naturally I would love these amazing little pieces of art. The skill one would need to create such precise and beautiful designs on the inside of an amber like this is pure talent.

Chronicles Golden Pine Cones is a stunning genuine amber with a pine branch, needles and pine cones carved throughout. Because these are natural amber color can vary. The approximate size is 14.23 mm high x 18.42 mm wide. Golden Pine Cones retails for $80 / €64.

Indoor dark photos with under lighting to show off all the detailing.

Chronicles Amber Forest Owl is a carved owl that reminds me of a Barn Owl that is standing on a broken tree limb with branches and leaves that wrap around this beautiful genuine amber bead. Colors of amber vary from a pale almost white to a nice buttery yellow. This bead measures approximately 14.63 mm high x 18.55 mm wide and retails for $80 / €64.

Chronicles Little Finch Birds is my absolute favorite! I love the little branches with all the little finches you see as you turn this bead. The detailing is simply amazing and for me it has a bit of a Victorian feel. This bead measures approximately 14.32 mm high x 18.75 mm wide and retails for $80 / €64.

Chronicles Little Pumpkins is such a cute Autumn bead with two pumpkins and fall foliage carved on the inside. Ambers vary in color and can be ordered in several amber shades. This bead measures approximately 12.92 mm high x 11.45 mm wide and retails for $69 / €57.

Chronicles Golden Grapes is such a beautiful bead with inner carved grapes, leaves and vines. You can even see the veins and wrinkles of the leaves. 24k gold is used to paint the grapes. Colors in amber can vary some, but this bead is available in shades of maple. Golden Grapes measure approximately 14.19 mm high x 14.71 mm wide and retail for $70 / €58.

Chronicles Birds is a beautiful floral branch with two beautifully detailed inner carved birds. Detailing and color of this amber is stunning. This bead measures approximately 13.44 mm high x 11.51 mm wide and retails for $69 / €57.

Chronicles Golden Acorns has beautiful oak branches, leaves and golden acorns inner carved around this amber. Reminds me of a beautiful painting! Acorns are painted with 24k gold and this bead measures approximately 14.18 mm high x 14.33 mm wide. Golden Acorns retails for $70 / €58.

An outdoor close view of the Chronicles Golden Fall Release.

I always love wearing Chronicles Amber with Redbalifrog and have used fall themed beads in this first composition and I’m including several angle photos. I’ve used a Trollbeads Bracelet and Leaves Lock.

In this fun composition is the OHM Monkey Business, Path, Fall, Spiked, Wood-ation with Chronicles Birds and Little Pumpkins for a fall theme.

I adore this bangle and it will be worn often! I’ve used Chronicles Little Finch Birds, Golden Grapes, Golden Acorns, Trollbeads Bangle, Leaves and TPOA Swiss Stoppers (exclusive at Swiss Flower and Gift).

The long barrel ambers work perfect on the Redbalifrog Bead Stick seen here with the Chronicles Forest Owl, Redbalifrog Wise Owl on the Redbalifrog Beaded Chain.

Another fall theme I love seen here are Chronicles Little Pumpkins, Golden Pine Cones, Birds, Redbalifrog Maple Lover’s Leaf, Pine Cone, Log Stoppers on a Trollbeads Twisted Bangle. Seen here at different angles.

Wrist Shot!

Overall, this is a fantastic release! I cannot express my love for these beautiful works of art. I have never been huge amber lover and mostly wore them in the fall months until I found Chronicles, I now wear them throughout the year and just love the detailing. If you don’t have any Chronicles inner-carved ambers, I highly suggest checking them out.

If you would like to browse Chronicles Amber you may do so through any of the following links. Please note, that some stores are currently awaiting their fall stock and should have these beads listed soon, if not already available.

Chronicles Authorized Featured Retailers 

Chronicles Amber – Ships from the Ukraine

Perlen – Ships from Denmark

Pianeta Beads – Ships from Italy

Swiss Flower & Gifts – Ships from the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this release? Do you have any Chronicles? Any favorites? Leave me a comment below ❤






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  1. I love the bangle look but all of it is really nice. What is the black bracelet in the last picture? All of the new beads are pretty hard to choose which to get since they are $$. Lovely pictures as usual!

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